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June 2018

This is Innovation in Practice – This is Zactis

Meet Zactis, theflood light with a peak intensity of 70°, achieving excellent performance while still complying with BREEAM and the ILP guidance notes on obtrusive light.

The asymmetrical optical system has been specially designed to give a defined forward throw and along with the wide beam angle, increases functionality and maximises spacing. This reduction of light spillage makes single pole mount designs possible, therefore fewer luminaires are needed per project reducing costs and saving energy.


The sleek, slimline body not only provides a rare aesthetic for a high-powered flood light but reduces the load and windage, increasing safety factors once installed. The body incorporates a handle-like rim around the edge aiding the installation and maintenance process and making it much easier to manoeuvre than a conventional bulky flood light. 

Zactis has a robust built-in bracket that offers adjustable mounting options, locking at 5° increments. This makes it easy to position at the perfect angle for scheme requirements.

The flat-to-ground orientation provides low-glare and therefore is perfect for sports and recreation grounds, car parks, area and high mast lighting. Zactis is a great all-round flood light with capabilities to fit with a wide range of specifications.

Find out more about Zactis HERE for the specification details 

or contact us on 01623 415900 to talk to one of the team.

Did you know?Kingfisher Lighting have a specialist High Mast Team that offer expert installation and maintenance packages. We also offer bespoke columns and bracketry and can tailor our service to fit with your project. Find out more HERE or call the team on 01623 415936. 


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