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Meet The Sports Team

You have seen the products now meet the team!


The Kingfisher Sport Team operate throughout the UK creating end-to-end solutions for all types of sports and high mast sites. Through using our expert range of luminaires, they’re able to produce high-performance systems with excellent uniformity throughout, whilst also helping to reduce running costs and exceed strict industry standards.

Comprised of a team of knowledgeable people with many years of industry experience, the Sports and High Mast Team have grown to included two installation teams, as well lighting designers and engineers in the field. Let’s meet the team…

Lee Hayter – Head of Sports and High-Mast


Lee has been part of the Kingfisher family for over 7 years starting in distribution sales and moving his way up to be Head of Sports and High-Mast. It’s been great to see his growth within the business over the years.

Lee thrives on the challenge of creating bespoke solutions and ensuring our clients get the best possible scheme for their investment but that also exceed standards and specifications. This can be particularly difficult due to exacting standards in the industry.

Whilst it’s hard to pin point a favourite, one of the projects Lee has most enjoyed to date has been Derby University sports ground. Lee and the team worked to create a tailored solution which saw the lighting of many amenities including a hockey pitch, football and rugby pitches as well as a tennis court using our Amnis luminaires.

Thomas Ford – Technical Sales Engineer


Part of the industry for 6 years, Thomas joined Kingfisher 3 years ago. Starting in our Lighting Design department, Thomas’ experience and ambition saw him naturally gravitate towards sports and high mast projects. After gaining further understanding of the intricacies of sports lighting with the Design Team, Tom migrated over to the Sports and High Mast Team and has been flourishing in his new role as Technical Sales Engineer.

Thomas loves travelling across the country to sports and high mast locations to work with clients on the development of their facilities both new and old. Similar to Lee, Thomas’ favourite project was Derby University, where they not only increased the quality of light but reduced both energy consumption and CO2.

Marcus Bishop – Lighting Design Engineer


The newest member of our team, Marcus, has been with us for over a year now but has many years of experience in Sports Lighting Design. He has quickly become an asset to the team, producing many outstanding designs across the UK.

Reflecting on the past year, Marcus’ favourite project has been working on Wigmore Tennis Club. He produced a state-of-the-art lighting design and eliminated back spill onto the surrounding residencies. His main objective at Kingfisher is to provide innovative lighting solutions for Sports and High Mast projects.


The Installations Teams

With a growing need for the ‘full package’, we have two installations teams working around the clock to install and carry out maintenance for sports and high mast projects, all over the UK.

Richard Holmes, Head Technical Engineer has been with Kingfisher for almost 15 years and leads a team of highly skilled engineers who carry out full site audits, the installation of up to 40m masts, maintenance and luminaire refurbs, as well as luminaire installation and positioning, followed by light level checks.

Our Sports and High-Mast division has seen the development of a new versatile products and accessories, perfect for sports and high mast applications, the union of many industry relationships and continue to grow from strength to strength. We can’t wait to see what projects these guys do next! Watch this space…

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