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Celebrating St. Andrew’s Day 2020

Today marks an important day in the Scottish calendar and we join together with those celebrating St. Andrew’s Day, in Scotland and across Europe.

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St. Andrew’s Day is a Scottish holiday where many gather and celebrate with traditional Scottish food, music, dances and much more! St. Andrew is celebrated as he is the Patron Saint of not only Scotland but Greece, Russia, Barbados and Amalfi in Italy.

Why is St. Andrew a national symbol of Scotland?

Angus and his troops went to war and the opposition was much larger than expected. Whilst praying for health and strength, a cloud shaped like an X appeared against the blue sky, which they believe lead the troops to victory. From that day onwards, St. Andrew and his saltire cross became national symbols for an emerging Scotland.


Did you know we have specialists in Scotland for your lighting needs?

We have sales representatives throughout the UK willing to help with your lighting desires. Any projects big or small, we have you covered with a wide range of products available to choose from.

Projects Team

Project Sale Engineer - Murray Whyte

T: 07392 090872  E:

Project Co-ordinator – Lisa Cunningham

T: 01623 415912   E:

Distribution Sales

Otis Stewart

T: 01623 700039 E:

See below one of our latest projects we completed in Scotland.

Jedburgh Campus


We’re often asked if we deliver to Scotland.

The answer is YES! We have a dedicated delivery once a month ready to go. The Kingfisher team can give you the latest updates on delivery times for your area ensuring your mind is at ease.

We have both standard and premium delivery services available on request and our team are fully qualified to use hi-ab lifting equipment to ensure your deliveries are safely offloaded on site.

Contact us today on or call 01623 415900

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