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Halogen to LED – What’s Next

The Government have announced that from September 2021, halogen lamps will be banned in the UK with fluorescent and other older technology to follow in a shift to a greener future. Kingfisher are here to guide you through the benefits of converting the LED.


Above is Avondale Square a site we converted to LED 

As part of the UK’s attempt to tackle climate change, the shift to LED luminaires will see the CO2 emissions cut by an astonishing 1.26 million tonnes. As this technology becomes less prevalent, many manufacturers have diversified into new areas to protect their businesses, however remaining stocks within the UK may still be sold after production has stopped later this year.

With this new ruling, and the inevitable abolishment of all older lighting technology to follow, consumers are understandably apprehensive about converting to LED. However, we’re here to guide you along the journey, why it will benefit your site and how it will save you money!

First things first, what are halogen lamps?

Halogen contains a filament composed of tungsten and is located in a glass casing. In order for the lamps to work the tungsten evaporates and mixes with the halogen gas in order to produce a glowing light source. However, due to the chemical reaction occurring within the glass this often caused the pressure to become too much causing the lamps to overheat and shatter.


Carina LED on the right and its predecessor with old technology on the left.

Why are LEDs better?

The change to LED from halogen fittings will revolutionise many schemes throughout the UK as there’s greater adjustability you can select different colour temperatures, RGBW options, control options and much more.

You also have a greater chance of creating a human-centric environment with LED luminaires as the low colour temperatures and better light control from source allow a more comfortable light projection with less visual disturbances to both humans and wildlife alike. So, LEDs not only cut carbon emission but also protect human and wildlife environments too!

Halogens only last 2,000 hours in comparison to the 100,000 of their later descendants indicating a frequent need to change lamps adding to the already expensive running costs. LED luminaires are relatively maintenance free as they do not require the lamp changes of halogen or other lamp-based luminaires as well as using 80% less power dramatically reducing site costs.

How to get the right LED upgrade….


An upgrade we completed for Victoria Docks, City Quay 

The Correct Efficacy

Finding an LED equivalent is much harder than it looks unless you have some form of lighting knowledge. However, some manufacturers state their luminaires are an exact match, but this isn’t always the case e.g. – a 400W HQI couldn’t be replaced by a 10W flood light because it would need to distribute 2880 lm/W which is massively above the LED maximum of 300 lm/w.


When choosing a luminaire, you must be aware a luminaire lumen match doesn’t necessarily mean it will match! Optic distribution is a major factor as we have asymmetric and symmetric as well as car park, flood and narrow optics. Selecting the right optic is so important and any reputable designer would ensure that the optic matches the location and area needing illumination.


As well as ensuring you use the correct optic, you need to ensure that the distribution throughout the site is as even as possible avoiding dark areas. In some cases, a column that would hold 2 lanterns may only need 1 with the right optic choice but this could mean the distribution is better or worse than before.

We Can Help!

We have a talented team who can guide you through choosing the right upgrade, ensuring it is the best choice for your new site. They can produce anything from small plot calculations to stunning 3D visualisations for your project. They’ll determine the best luminaires from our range paying meticulous attention to efficacy, uniformity, and optic variation.

We have a vast range of luminaires all of which are LED and will suit a variety of applications. From floodlights through to architectural accent lighting we’ll have a fitting for you!

Get in contact and find out how we can help you!

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