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Introducing the Kingfisher Spotlight

Shining a light on the Kingfisher Team.

You’ve heard about our amazing products and services but now we think it’s time you met the faces behind the scenes… The Kingfisher Spotlight bring the opportunity to get to know members of our team and what each of them brings to the Kingfisher family!

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For our first edition, we introduce Lucy Bates, Manager of the Procurement and Supply Department. As one of the key areas in the business, Lucy has a tough job managing the supply of our products as well as much more. Find out about what the Purchasing Department get up to…

What is your job title? Procurement and Supply Chain Manager

How long have you worked at Kingfisher Lighting? 2 years and 9 months! It feels like longer… in a good way!

Have you ever had a different role within Kingfisher Lighting? No. I have always worked in procurement throughout my career. Having said that, my role extends to much than just purchasing. Problem solving and project management are key in this role.

What does your job role entail? The main part of my role is ensuring we carry the right amount of stock and have the right amount on order with our suppliers to fulfil our customer’s requirements.

However, I also negotiate pricing with our suppliers, look for cost savings, manage shipping and lead times and work with Sales to find solutions to supply issues. I also work with Operations to minimize workload and complexity. No two days are the same!

What’s your favourite thing about being part of the Kingfisher Family? It has to be the people. I know that’s a boring answer but working with such great colleagues really does make all the difference. Working closely with the Teams, we can problem solve quickly and get the best solutions for our customers.

What’s your greatest professional achievement so far at Kingfisher? I would say the Brexit transition. Everything was planned in advance and as a result the transition ran smoothly, and we had no disruption to our inbound deliveries.

What are the values that drive you? Treating every penny like it is my own. Every decision I make is with the best interests of both the company and our customers in mind, both from a cost and customer service viewpoint.

What do you do when not at Kingfisher?

My main passion is travelling. I try to get away when I can and see as many areas of the world as possible. I also follow MotoGP and often travel to races around the world including Europe, Australia and Malaysia.

On a more sedate note, I like to crochet and knit! I am currently working on a baby blanket for a friend and also a local community project.

Give us a fun fact about you? I can turn my left foot completely backwards. It’s a fun party trick to gross people out!

What's the most interesting thing you can see out of your office window? Lots of lighting columns! My office looks out over the yard!

Favorite Quote Be happy… it really annoys negative people (Ricky Gervais!)

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