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Lightning Deals for Lighting Season!

Lighting season is here! The clocks have gone back and the nights are getting darker as the winter approaches. It’s the time to ensure your sites have the best quality lighting available and lucky for you, we have introduced special pricing across street, amenity, flood lights and bollard ranges!

The seasons have changed and the nights are getting darker, winter is almost here. Lighting has never been so important. We have a whole range of luminaires on offer for you to get the most out of your lighting. See below what we have for you…


Designed in AEC’s research and development lab, I-TRON is a unique luminaire created with innovative reflector technology which ensures visual comfort. Not only is I-TRON suitable for establishing a human-centric environment, it also eliminates any concerns for wildlife welfare through the use of reflector cut offs and low colour temperatures such as 3000K and 2700K.

The Italian-built luminaire will bring efficiency to your sites, reducing both running and maintenance costs. I-TRON is best used in locations such as roadways and pathways due to it’s asymmetrical distribution.

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Villa II

Villa’s traditional heritage look is the perfect addition to any areas of natural beauty. The appearance of the luminaire is guaranteed to bring any scheme a touch of elegance. Available in a range of colour temperatures, Villa perfectly suits a softer aesthetic as well as areas close to wildlife habitats. It has a symmetrical distribution allowing it to disperse light evenly in all directions and has an optional glass screen for a softer output.

This luminaire also comes in both 30W and 60W allowing it to suit most schemes. It’s also available with photocell options reducing your site’s energy consumption. 

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Villa II


Carina flood is the small but mighty luminaire with an excellent output. It comes with a reflective back panel further stabilising the distribution. The mini flood light is perfect for a range of industrial settings such as loading bays, service yards and industrial units. With some excellent deals, Carina is a great choice for area lighting!

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50w 5630


Designed and engineered in the UK,  Helvellyn is a sleek stainless steel bollard with a whole range of opportunities. Not only does it comes fitted with a reflective cone ensuring a softer and even distribution, it also has a switchable output from 7.5W-15W making it versatile within any scheme. Best used in areas of low level lighting, the bollard will reduce the amount of sky glow within your site.

The luminaire suits a modern application and would be great in new developments such as schools, or in areas of outstanding natural beauty such as parks and plazas.

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Helvellyn LED

We have offers on a whole range of products across our range at the minute so don’t miss out! Call our team and find out which luminaires are best for your project!

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