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Location, Location, Location!

Choosing the right fitting with optimal performance that meets the site’s aesthetic vision can be a real challenge. Here’s our top tips on choosing the right fitting for your scheme.


For the past 30 years, we have been designing and engineering luminaires here in the UK, with our range being developed to include multifunctional product families. Not only does this give our customers more options to get the results they want but means lighting schemes can take occupants and visitors on a visual journey.

Architectural – It’s all about ambience!

In order to create a scheme with impact, there are a few key factors to consider, including the scale of the architecture, the purpose of the site and therefore it’s lighting needs, the surrounding areas and of course the desired ambiance.

With the perfect combination of functionality and form, architectural lighting can elevate your scheme with a few simple touches.


Recessed Illumination

Inground and recessed luminaires offer a streamlined aesthetic and used correctly, can create a sense of drama while still offering the perfect lux levels. Recessed luminaires are primarily used to up-or down-light building facades, define driveways, accent architectural features, and even illuminate natural details. With an array of sizes, shapes, styles and finishes, as well as optic and colour temperature options, fixtures such as the Stone, Thunder, Veron and Inground can be used to create the perfect scene. 

Wall Mounted Luminaires

The Italian built Tula and Ellis ranges are perfect for creating wall washes between windows, doorways, or even signage. With a choice of one- or two-way illumination, coupled with the right optic and optional diffusers, these ranges will help create the perfect atmosphere.

Cinep is a multipurpose flexible linear luminaire ideal for accenting features of almost any shape! This versatile fitting can be sized perfectly and offers low colour temperatures and even RGB for further lighting effects.

Street and Roadways

When creating a scheme for street or roadways, lighting levels, glare and the reduction of back spill are the key areas of focus. An experienced lighting designer will be able to look at the needs and restrictions of the site and the surrounding areas, work within industry guidance and standards and ultimately recommend fixtures that will meet the specification and levels required.

From our range of fittings, we have a number of excellent road lanterns that offer a variety of optics, colour temperatures and accessory options to perfectly illuminate any roadway.


Post Top Luminaires

Italo is the Italian built luminaire, designed with high-end reflector technology. This innovative design reduces glare and light spill without compromising on performance. With a wealth of optics and body sizes, along with all manner of available options, the Italo series is a brilliant choice that combines style and purpose.

Viva-City Series is a range of fittings designed for performance. This energy efficient road lantern offers a range of optical systems that can be perfectly matched to the specifications of any site. With full control compatibilities, this family of luminaires packs a real punch.

I-TRON is the contemporary Italian fitting that uses reflector technology to produce an energy efficient, low glare output. With a defined range of optics, I-TRON is the perfect choice to achieve desired lux levels for roadway applications.  


Sports & High Mast

Uniformity, spacings and quality of light are huge considerations when lighting sports jobs, while performance, strength and maintenance factors are more important for other high mast installations.


Our dedicated Sports and High Mast division are experts in designing schemes for everything from large stadiums, to grass roots pitches, as well as ports, distribution hubs and rail side.

Ours specially curated range of fittings have been designed and engineered by our Product Development Team here in the UK, as well as a selection of powerful Italian built fixtures from our partners, AEC.

ALO is the Italian built flood guaranteed to give a show-stopping performance. Excellent for stadium lighting, ALO is available with full DALI and DMX capabilities, ensuring you get the best illumination for both play and half-time entertainment.

The Amnis series has been designed in-house to perfectly fit the vast array of needs for the sports and high mast sector. Using reflector-based technology, these fittings have excellent cut-off of light and a powerful, low-glare output. With sports installations in mind, Amnis is ideal for use in any televised events with a flicker free illumination perfect for HDTV broadcasting.

Zactis is another in-house design that is flat-to-ground and perfect in a vast range of applications. This sleek flood is easy to install and due to its low-profile design and grab rails, which in turn helps to reduce the head load as well as windage.

Other Considerations…

Don’t forget specialist options when considering the best set-up for your scheme. Kingfisher have the capabilities to offer robust marine grade paint for use in harsh environments, low colour temperature options for aesthetic and environmental considerations, complex control gear, emergency packs plus many, many more.

We’ve given you a snapshot of some of the luminaires we have in the range and where they best fit in terms of application. However, our range is vast, and we guarantee we can find the perfect fitting to suit your requirements. Give the team a call today and start your Kingfisher journey now.

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