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The Future of Lighting Design

Dedicated to improving our services, we’re taking our designs to the next level… Investment in advanced technology means we can now produce a variety of realistic 3D visualisations for your schemes.

Creating outstanding lighting schemes for over 30 years, we’re dedicated to continuous improvement of our design services offered to our customers. Our design capabilities range from simple plot calculation to a full 3D visualisation.

Sample 1                 Sample 5

Our designers are qualified over and above industry standards and equipped with advanced technology and software, including AGI, and continue to produce highly efficient schemes specific to any project needs. We work closely with the ILP and LIA to ensure we’re up-to-date with the latest industry guidelines, eliminating any concerns during planning regarding obtrusive light, wildlife welfare and other environmental concerns. Our team will guide you through the design process and recommend the best luminaires for your site specification, taking into account budgetary restrictions, site size, building materials, aesthetics of the site and much more.  


 3D Capabilities

With advancing technology pushing forward in the lighting industry, we’re able to produce state-of-the-art 3D visualisations, perfectly representing any site type. –

Why choose 3D you may ask? 3D designs are the best way to present your final projects to architects, consultants and the end-user. They guarantee precision and will provide the most accurate representation of your site.

Recent investment into advanced technology allows us to produce a more realistic environment for a variety of complex designs. Our visualisations can be produced for both day and night settings. It enables you to visualise your scheme as it would appear at any anytime of day.

We recommend using our 3D capabilities for a wide variety of large-scale projects, especially with architectural projects. Architectural schemes usually focus on the aesthetics of the site which cannot be determined by a CAD drawing. However, they can be visualised through our 3D models establishing what the overall aesthetic of the scheme would be.  

Not only do we offer 3D designs, we can also offer a virtual reality walkthrough to further see the results of your sites. This technology allows you to virtually ‘walk through’ and perfectly see how our luminaires interact with the architecture. This is visible through a simple app compatible with most smartphones, including Android and IOS and can be sent via web link

Please see our below work on Central Square, Leeds where we created a complete 3D visualisation of the project.

Final View 1     Final View 8

Final View 7     Final View 4  

To find out more about our capabilities, please contact or call 01623 415900

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