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Wall Mounted Luminaires and Bulkheads

Bringing you safety, style and sophistication, the Kingfisher Wallpack range will be guaranteed to not only enhance the aesthetic of your site but bring peace of mind to all.

Kingfisher TL-07

When it comes to public area or perimeter lighting many opt for a classic post top luminaire. However, space or lack thereof can often hinder scheme designs. Through strategic placement of wall fixtures, the number of columns and post top luminaires needed can be vastly reduced, freeing space as well as lowering costs.

A hot topic after recent events is public safety and suitable lighting. Ensuring peace of mind for users of public spaces is a high priority, alongside creating an aesthetically pleasing scheme. Yet, even after considering the importance of human safety many still select the cheaper alternative with low CRI levels and minimal colour temperature options.

Kingfisher wall mounted range not only offers excellent performance but also have a range of colour temperature options to help choose the best illumination for your site. Our expert Design Team look at all factors of a site before selecting the best fittings for the job.      

As well as promoting human-centricity, we offer a range of wall mounted fixtures that carry the IDA’s (International Dark Skies Association) Fixture Seal of Approval. The IDA aims to reduce light pollution and promote better use of light in dark skies areas to boost the natural beauty of the night sky.

The Semita Series

Pathifnder M Iso Front Underside 2Semita Arc_Side View

The Semita Series consists of the Semita Urban and Semita Arc wall luminaires both of which are IDA approved. Their low colour temperature capabilities alongside 0% ULOR, allow them to be used in areas of natural outstanding beauty as well as public areas needing a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

However, the comfort doesn’t end there... Semita Urban comes with the option of a ‘click on’ diffuser producing an even softer output without any harsh lines or glare. Perfectly placed in schools, retail areas, offices, and pathways, this wall pack range will provide excellent distribution and efficacy.

To find out what we can offer you please browse our website or call our team.

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