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Beeston Train Station

Beeston, Nottinghamshire

Recent government investment into the Midlands County Railway allowed us to visit the historic site of Beeston Train Station. The site consisted of older HID technology luminaires and was in desperate need of an upgrade.


Originally opened in 1839, the station was very popular as the first station from Nottingham at the time. It allowed inner city residents to visit the countryside locations more easily.

However, in more recent years, the station sees many trains pass through each hour on journeys to places such as Crewe, Cardiff, Grimsby, London and local to Kingfisher HQ, Nottingham. As one of the busier lines in the Midlands, the station recently received government funding to allow for much needed upgrades including building repairs and a new efficient lighting scheme.

The Project

With a focus on comfort and functionality, our client wanted to renovate their lighting scheme which consisted of older lamped products. Thanks to our pre-existing relationship with the client, we were approached to create a high-performance scheme meeting rail lighting specification.

Upon initial assessment, the Kingfisher Rail Team saw the site’s potential and got to work briefing our design department. Our expert Teams evaluated the space, budget and environmental factors in order to create the perfect scheme.


The team opted for the I-TRON, an ideal replacement luminaire for this scheme. This is due to its state-of-the-art reflector technology system which not only increased efficiency but reduced running costs for the site.

The reflector-based fixture is also ideal in areas needing that comfortable illumination, such as this.  The fitting distributes soft illumination which is precisely directed to light the desired areas, without back spill or glare. We placed 10 luminaires around the site and managed to create a human-centric yet highly functional lighting scheme that allows comfort and security for commuters and drivers alike.

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