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Broadford Hospital

Isle of Skye


We illuminated the Isle of Skye’s newest community hospital as part of NHS Highlands and Hub North (Scotland) £40 million development project. Located near the coast, the site sits in between the Dr Mackinnon Memorial Hospital and the Broadford Medical Centre.

The new development brings 24 patient rooms including ensuite facilities, a maternity ward led purely by midwives, accidental and emergency units, an infusion suite and brand new x-ray and ultrasound units.

The Project

The scheme design required illumination with emergency lighting for all exterior areas of the facility, including carparks, turning circle, road and pathways, entrance ways, emergency vehicle wash, bike shelters and more.

Due to the site’s coastal location, the client required a scheme that would be suitable for a harsh environment. A marine grade finish adds robust protection to both the outer body of luminaires and accessories and protects the internal workings. Without this added protection, the fixtures would be at risk of quick and severe degradation and more than likely operational failure.

The Solution

Thanks to our relationship with G A Barnie, Inverness, as well as the support from Rybka, M&E Consultants, Edinburgh and Oberlander Architects, Edinburgh, we were able to create an innovative lighting solution meeting the client’s specification. 

We utilised a combination of standard and 3hr emergency post top and wall mounted luminaires, as well as 6m conical columns around the site to create an energy efficient solution.

With a wide range of products featuring high durability, marine grade finishes, we were able to offer a variety of options in order to achieve the perfect performance and aesthetic to enhance this new NHS hub. All columns and brackets are marine grade protected and powder coated to match the luminaire RAL colours of 7024 (Italo) and 7016 (Semita).

The Italo Series – These high-power luminaires were chosen due to their high quality marine grade finish and reflector technology system. We used STE-M optics in both standard and emergency options around the turning circle and a combination of SO5 and STE-M optics around the remaining roadways, car parks and energy centre to get accurate uniformity.

The SO5 optic worked particularly well with the “bullhorn” type bracket to provide the required illumination to the Gas Tank Compound. This bracket allows 360 rotation to direct the light exactly where it’s required. The fitting adjacent to this area was provided with a 3hr non-maintained emergency backup system.  

Semita Urban - Designed and engineered in the UK, the Semita Urban fixture is part of our wall mounted range. It was perfect for lighting building entrances and exits around the community hospital. The hospital wanted emergency enabled fittings to ensure safe escape routes for the staff and patients during emergencies.  

Columns - Placed around the site’s perimeter, we used our 6 metre conical columns in a marine grade finish in RAL 7024, Graphite Grey. The columns not only provided a secure foundation for the luminaries but offers a perfectly colour match to both the luminaires and brackets. They also ensure luminaires are mounted at the perfect height around the site, reducing the chances of light spill onto the surrounding areas.

Climate Extra – These linear luminaires create the perfect illumination for the ambulance wash. Their high IP rating ensure they are able to withstand the harsh environment and remain free of corrosion and other damages.

Platinum Downlight – Placed above entrances and canopies, this downlight offers excellent illumination allowing safe and easy access for all. It’s thermal performance system also further ensures the luminaire doesn’t produce heat waste, saving money for your site.  

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