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Cambridge Science Park


Since being formed in 1970, the Cambridge Science Park has created a hive of over 100 companies involved in pioneering scientific research and development.

The latest addition to the Science Park is 101 Cambridge, a highly specified office space. Through the appointed electrical contractor, Briggs & Forrester, Kingfisher Lighting were invited to prepare a lighting scheme for the immediate amenity areas surrounding the building and the elevated car park. With specific planning conditions to be met and a requirement for the scheme to be compliant with BREEAM, the Kingfisher team of lighting designers set to work.

Commenting on the appointment, Briggs & Forester, stated “Kingfisher Lighting responded to the project brief comprehensively and provided a first class project management role. The lighting scheme put forward was both practical and cohesive and effectively met the required planning conditions whilst ensuring compliance with BREEAM.”

The lighting scheme for the pathways and pedestrian areas around the building incorporated the architecturally inspired Klou 180 bollard.

The Klou 180 bollard comprises a die cast aluminium extrusion with a polyester powder coating for a professional and durable finish. A shatterproof polycarbonate lens ensures maximum protection against vandalism.

The lighting scheme utilised the screened optical version to minimise glare to onlookers and was fitted with 35W metal halide lamps. Around the building, the Klou 180 500mm version was used to present a low profile, but provide sufficient orientation via high vertical lighting levels for the safe passage of pedestrians.

Due to the raised elevation of the car park, the local authority defined tight planning conditions with regard to restricting the level of glare and overspill onto adjacent areas.

Kingfisher’s lighting designers chose to illuminate the majority of the car park surface area from a group of centrally located lighting points. Kaos, a high performance and versatile road lantern was specified with 150W metal halide lamp and a flat glass optic to ensure minimum upward light and tight control of overspill. Available with a range of optical systems and lamp options, Kaos is a versatile lantern suitable for a range of amenity applications beyond conventional street lighting.

Manufactured to the highest degree of quality, Kaos comprises a die cast aluminium lower body and aluminium upper canopy with a polyester powder coating in a contrasting colour for a durable and professional finish. It is sealed to IP66 for minimum maintenance.

With a large surface area of the car park effectively illuminated by Kaos, the lighting designers chose to light the periphery of the car park from a low mounting height, but still achieve the high vertical lighting levels required. The 1.1m version of the Klou 180 bollard was chosen. In addition to the screened optic, these particular bollards were fitted with an additional 180° spill shield to restrict back-spill. Again these were specified with 35W metal halide lamps which provided the high vertical lighting levels required whilst the low mounting height and additional control measures ensured minimum overspill and glare to meet the stringent planning guidelines.


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