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Costa Coffee



We Illuminated ‘The Nation’s Favourite Coffee Shop’

Costa Coffee was founded by brothers Sergio and Bruno Costa who embarked on their journey in 1971. Since then, they have developed an internationally renowned company with almost 4000 stores spread across 32 countries. Their aim to become ‘the world’s number one coffee shop brand’ is seeming more achievable by the day with popularity rising and the arrival of more stores across all territories.

This globally recognised brand has recently opened a store in Ollerton, UK. The drive-through store will allow people to easily grab their food and drink on the go or have a quick refreshment break when needed.

Located on a busy roundabout that serves as a 24hr transportation route to the A1, glare and back spill needed to be taken under careful consideration.  With all client specifications and local restrictions accounted for, we were able to create a classic and sophisticated outdoor scheme for both the drive-through, building perimeter and car park.

The Scheme

We combined a series of street luminaires, bollards and downlighters to create a scheme perfect for the site, meeting all relevant lux levels and BREEAM requirements. The car park met a lux level of 25 throughout with the drive-through achieving 50 lux.

When it comes to design, Costa have very strict specifications in order to ensure their classic aesthetic is maintained across every store. Therefore, meeting requirements was particularly tricky however, with our expert design team on hand the client had nothing to worry about.

Viva-City Pro

We combined 4 x AY70 asymmetric street and 4 x FW70 forward throw optics in 4000K to ensure both the car park and the drive-through were perfectly illuminated. They were the perfect choice due to their sleek look and impressive output.

                                           DSC02712  D-170M1


The Deco bollard is a classic robust luminaire perfect for low level lighting. We placed 8 Decos every five metres around the drive-through areas to meet Costa’s set specification. They allow a subtle yet impactful illumination to the roadways, whilst minimising the amount of overhead lighting and sky glow.

                                            DSC02628Deco LED 

We successfully met Costa’s design requirement with ease and produced a visually classic, energy saving scheme, suiting the overall brand as well as meeting all industry requirements including British Standards and ILP guidance. We protected against glare for motorists not only passing through the drive-through but also those on the surrounding busy roadways.

ITALO1_2.0 (17)

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