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Elephant and Castle


In the heart of London, Elephant and Castle was a neglected area but now after much needed investment, the area is undergoing a complete renovation and we were invited to create an innovative lighting scheme to illuminate this modern space.


The Elephant and Castle is a Central London Neighbourhood, south of the River Thames and hosts a diverse culture, represented through local businesses and food outlets. The area is home to the London College of Communication, and is known to have a youthful, energetic, and creative spirit.

The area has received very little outside investment in the past, which left it one of the most neglected parts of Central London. Overall, the project has brought over £4 billion worth of private and public investments to renovate Elephant and Castle.

The regeneration is split across three sites: Elephant Park, Trafalgar place and One the Elephant;

Elephant Park, once complete will be the largest park to be built since the Victorian times and will introduce new homes and job opportunities for citizens in the area, as well as a large recreation space for residents and visitors.

Investment into Elephant and Castle has created a modern hub of homes and businesses and we were invited to bring light to this new development, with a focus on modern living and smart cities. Using our Italian made LED fittings, we were able to create something truly individual for this project, with specially designed columns, as well as a unique colour scheme requested by the Landscape Architect.

Our Italo luminaires not only have a sleek design, but high-performance functionality. Using a reflector based optical system, this fitting offers a more powerful output and reduces glare for pedestrians and motorists. Illuminating public areas, our Italo lanterns are creating safer environments for the citizens and visitors alike.

We designed bespoke columns to host up to 3 luminaires and as well as a state-of-the-art CCTV system. Working alongside landscape architects and project consultants, our team focused on accentuating the surrounding features of the development. The colour made an exclusive feature of the area, emphasising the creative atmosphere of Elephant and Castle.

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