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Gabriel Square

St Albans, Hertfordshire

Distributed across 3 acres of land, Gabriel Square is an award-winning development based in St. Albans, Hertfordshire. It consists of a collection of townhouses, duplexes and apartments set around a landscaped garden square.


The development incorporates high-quality modern and traditional materials combined to create a minimal, yet elegant design. The scheme concept eliminated the use of columns and bollards, abiding by the minimal aesthetic of the project by using purely architectural lighting. This provided an appropriate lighting solution to stay true to the visual appeal of the scheme. 

We wanted to create a human-centric environment for the Garden Square as it’s one of the focal points of the development. Our solution was to use 2700K and 3000K fittings to distribute a warmer colour temperature across the area. It would help to create a calmer atmosphere for all residents including animals and humans alike.

In order to compliment the project’s aesthetic, our expert Design Team used over 455 meticulously placed architectural luminaires to enhance the surrounding features. They considered the different applications as well as the materials they were working with to increase the visual appeal of the site.

Our fittings include:

Surface Mounted

The practical and elegant Tito was used to light foliage around the garden square and the Fila provides uplighting to the light wells and downlighting to the entrance sign. The Tula fitting provided the wall mounted pathway lighting solution.


No less than 800 metres of Tocca 2.0 was used to light the path ways and 50 metres worth of Krio-In luminaires were used to uplight the surrounding hedges and walls, providing hidden yet warm illumination.


Over 335 recessed lights such as the Inground series created upward illumination on the trees and walls whilst our single direction Stone fittings provide pathway lighting

This sophisticated scheme uses a wide range of our architectural range, focusing on creating a relaxing space for residents and visitors year-round.

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