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Gilwell Park



Illuminating the world-famous ‘home of the Scouts’ - We were invited to design a new energy efficient lighting scheme to enhance the natural aesthetic of this unique adventure venue.

Opened in 1919 by Scout Commissioner William de Bois Maclaren, the estate has gained over 100 acres of land during its 100 years. This is a place for scouts and leaders to meet, train, camp and explore. Set in a peaceful woodland location, the park plays host to weddings, firework displays and corporate events, as well as Scout and Guide programs, with all income received going straight back into supporting Scouts all over the UK.

The Scout Association wanted to develop the park and upgrade the lighting system to LED, adding further lighting in strategic places around the site. Our Lighting Design Team created a transformative scheme park making more areas accessible after dusk.

Our project team carefully selected fittings from our architectural range to further enhance the serene aesthetic of the site, whilst achieving the desired lighting levels and functionality of the installation.

Amenity stirrup luminaire, Eco-Rays was chosen for this installation due to its high-end aesthetic. This Italian built fitting uses a reflector optics with flat glass screen which offers a low glare asymmetric distribution, making it perfect for both the pedestrian and car parks on site.

Our Deco 2.0 bollards with their classic look, line the driveway and illuminate the road without distracting from the natural aesthetic of the woodland.

Column heights vary throughout the park, with 3m being used so as not to interrupt the tree canopy of the pathways and walkways, especially near ‘the Promise Path’ which is a big feature of the park. Larger columns were used at the front of the White House within the estate and around car parks for added security.

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AEC Illuminazione

Technical street lighting

Intense R&D, robust testing, state-of-the-art manufacturing.

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Italian design

Lighting form and function designed for humans.

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