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Gloucester Quays


Gloucester Quays is one of the largest mixed use waterside regeneration developments in the UK. When complete it will provide over 150,000 sqm (1.6 million sq ft) of floor space over a 60 acre site, reflecting an investment of over £400million. Located adjacent to Gloucester’s historic docks, this development certainly brings the heritage of Gloucester and its future together.

The first stage of this development opened in late 2009 and incorporated the architecturally inspired Q3 Series floodlight.

Along the newly developed High Orchard Street the designers chose the wall mounted version to ensure minimal physical intrusion to the area. The scheme on the adjacent Leigh Anthony Road presented a larger area to light. This was achieved by using a series of column mounted Q3s on single and twin architectural floodlighting brackets.

Given the lighting specification need to maximise spacing and the given width of the pedestrian route, the lighting design team specified a street lighting distribution fitted with 70W High Pressure Sodium.


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