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Hams Hall Rail Freight Terminal

Hams Hall, Birmingham

Owned and operated by Associated British Ports (ABP), Hams Hall is a 27 acre intermodal rail / road interchange facility. As the UK's busiest inland rail freight terminal, the site handles over 200,000 containers (200,000 TEU) per annum and has a 5,000 TEU storage capacity. 

Kingfisher Lighting was approached by ABP to undertake maintenance and repair of their existing high mast lighting at Hams Hall as they weren't happy with the service levels they were receiving and wanted an improved level of service.   

ABP had worked with Kingfisher on previous high mast installations and maintenance work at their Immingham and Southampton sites so were happy with the level of service and Kingfisher's industry and technical experience. 

The Kingfisher team carried out the site maintenance and repair work by following their three step process:  

Level 1:

  • Check the winch and fixings
  • Lower the carriage ring to check rope suspension points and suspension belts
  • Repair of lanterns and control gear
  • Check base mounted electrics
  • Raise the carriage unit and leave the mast fully lit

Level 2:

  • Level 1 checks +
  • Use of cherry picker to visually check the head and pulleys, the wire ropes over the full length and the mast structure itself
  • Visual check of the foundations, foundation nuts and protective material

Level 3:

  • Level 1 and 2 checks +
  • Structural assessment
  • Ultrasonic assessment
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Torque pullout tests
  • NDT if required

ABP were impressed by the job Kingfisher did on site, that we're now the default maintenance contractor for Hams Hall. 

Service levels have improved and ABP are now able to take advantage of an experienced and dedicated high mast lighting specialist team. They have a single point of contact at any time and who can ensure an engineer can be on site at short notice if required. 

Hams Hall - Zoom image

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