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Hudson Quarter


Located in the heart of York, Hudson Quarter is one of the city’s newest mixed-use developments worth £35 million. Built on the site of the former Hudson House and York’s first Railway Station, this location now pays reference to its history not only in name but with the distinctive building designs.


The inspiration behind the concept was to stay with the famous York aesthetic; small and quirky but with a modern approach. Buildings were purposefully placed in close proximity to each other to imitate the city’s small alleyways. It also has bespoke track designs on the surrounding balustrades and gates, as well as within the reception area as a nod to its heritage.

The Project

Hudson Quarter required a low glare scheme with a focus on human-centricity to suit the busy residential and commercial space. Meticulous thought went into the lighting design and the careful placement of luminaires throughout in order to ensure perfect uniformity without any back spill on to the surrounding properties.

DSC02399 rsz_dsc02423

The Solution

We proposed a solution of post top luminaires, bollards as well as columns and bracketry to suit. This carefully collated selection would not only provide the perfect illumination but also enhance the ‘small city’ aesthetic of the overall development. 

After evaluating the site, Kingfisher’s expert teams came together and concluded that a variation of street, urban and architectural luminaires would help create the refined lighting scheme the customer envisaged.

Gothic – Sleek and sophisticated, Gothic is a stylish bollard perfectly suited to contemporary scheme. With its unique angular design and low glare output, it was the ideal addition to Hudson Quarter’s busy residential site. We selected the radial optic to illuminate walkways and surrounding greenery in 3000K allowing a comfortable illumination for all.

Italo – With high performance functionality and excellent distribution, Italo is the sleek Italian street luminaire used in many high-end developments throughout the UK. It was an excellent choice for this site as we combined SO5 and STE-M optics to get perfect distribution for the walkways and parking areas providing further safety.

Renio – This recessed wall fixture was created with visual comfort in mind with its built-in diffuser. We selected Renio to go alongside the steps into Hudson Quarter for soft yet effective illumination.

Inground 110 Short – This inground fitting was placed throughout the gardens to perfectly accent the natural features of the space. These small yet powerful fittings add a sense of drama to this prestigious development.

Quarto 2.0 – These stylish wall mounted fixtures were placed around the perimeters of the buildings providing necessary illumination and emphasising the architectural features. Also used to highlight areas such as entrance ways, indoor parking and EV charging points, the design team utilised the versatile optic selection of the quarto.

Through using a combination of luminaires from the Kingfisher range we created a stylish yet functional lighting solution to perfectly compliment Hudson Quarter’s small city aesthetic. We also ensured that there was no back spill and low glare, so it created a comfortable environment for people to live, work and relax.

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