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Jedburgh Intergenerational Community Campus


Jedburgh Campus is a £32 million facility accommodating nursery, primary and secondary school children. Its amenities include a wide variety of sports facilities and a range of science, technology labs and work rooms.

The site’s open plan layout adds to the modern industrial aesthetic of the building. Using materials such as steel, wood and large glass panels helped add to the overall appeal of the building. Its economic steel frame allowed a saving in weight which allowed roof lights and other features to be added.


Our expert Lighting Design team meticulously chose our amenity luminaires suitable for public areas. They achieved an elegant scheme matching the buildings aesthetic as well as creating an energy efficient LED scheme with low uniformity. The outcome resulted in using bespoke solutions to illuminate the pathways, building entrances, perimeters and car parks.

Across the site, we selected 39 Soul 180 Urban bollards for their unique design, contributing to the site’s overall aesthetic. The bollards were chosen alongside a bespoke spill shield to illuminate pathways and car parks.

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Our Nadir fittings surrounded building entrances, perimeters and pathways creating a safe environment for both students’ teachers and visitors alike. Nadir offers excellent performance with an elegant square design.

The Ray 180 recessed luminaire provided downward facing light to a range of areas around the site including building perimeters and entrance ways. The luminaire was the perfect choice for this project as it enhanced the building’s exterior, while offering valuable illumination around the site.

The Italo was selected to illuminate roadways due to their sleek design and high-performance functionality. Designed using reflector technology, this luminaire provides an enhanced output with lower glare.

The scheme was designed with the site’s aesthetic in mind. We created a high-performance lighting scheme using sleek luminaires and advanced technology, enhancing the look and appeal of the site.

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