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Manor Street, Braintree



Based in Braintree Essex, Manor Street is undergoing a regeneration project to improve public services, boost property value and add an estimated £3.5 million to the local economy. The development includes the addition of a Travelodge hotel, a ‘Livewell’ hub and additional parking in the town centre with the aim to bring additional 24,000 visitors a year.

The project is going to transform the old agricultural and textile town into a modern living space for the community and visitors alike. With many areas of the public realm undergoing rejuvenation, the client required a human-centric lighting solution for three key areas of the site - the Bus Interchange, hotel and the Town Hall plaza.

The Solution

All three locations are central to the town centre therefore consideration was needed to alleviate potential glare and promote visual comfort.

Bus Interchange

As the main point of travel for many visitors and residents, the bus interchange now includes nine stands and wider bays to allow easier arrivals and departures. We selected the MOD 2.0 Urban TP luminaire to ensure greater visual comfort for both passengers and drivers alike.

The modern MOD 2.0 Urban features innovative reflector technology to allow a softer projection of light. With a 3000K illumination, the luminaire also offers greater light control through the reflectors for improved efficacy. 

The Town Hall Plaza

The architectural design of the plaza was developed to be ‘friendlier’ for those with dementia. Featuring textured and aromatic plants to help stimulate the senses, as well as a soft warm illumination.

The MIKO bollard has a slimline design to suit perfect for this modern application. With a diffused distribution, this luminaire assured a comfortable output with minimised upwards light and glare for the plaza. We used 8 bollards with a radial illumination allowing greater visual clarity for visitors.


We designed the lighting to illuminate the building’s perimeter and walkways without light pollution reaching guests windows. This was achieved by using the 0% ULOR fitting, QUARTO 2.0 flat-to-ground wall packs in 3000K. 

The sleek wall mounted fitting is also equipped with emergency modules, providing peace of mind for staff and guests in the event of an emergency.

Overall, we produced multiple highly efficient solutions for the redevelopment project with a focus on human-centricity that perfectly suits the redevelopment aesthetic of the areas.






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