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Mildenhall Hub

Bury Saint Edmunds

After a staggering investment of £39 million, Mildenhall Hub is a focal point in the community for many to access public services,receive an education and participate in leisure activities. Part of the governments ‘One Public Estate Programme’, the aim of this development was to provide a single point of access to a variety of services.


The Project

Surrounded by residential areas as well as farmland, this development needed a lighting scheme providing low glare and minimal obtrusive light in order to preserve the surrounding environments.

All areas of the site required high levels of illumination to prioritise safety therefore, we needed to combine a selection of post top, wall mounted and bollard luminaires alongside emergency luminaires to ensure the best results for the site.

The Solution

After the Kingfisher Lighting Design Team’s initial observation, they wanted to combine flood, street and wall-mounted luminaires in order to create the perfect uniformity across the site. With locations including bus pick up and drop off areas, car parks, cycle sheds, pathways, roadways and common areas, it was vital to create a harmonious scheme throughout.

With 0% ULOR, ZACTIS was the flood light illuminating the car parks, bus pick up and drop off areas. We utilised the FW70 optic to provide an asymmetrical illumination creating high levels of uniformity. The powerful distribution not only achieved the lux levels required but also ensured safety for all users entering and exiting the site.

AURIGA 2.0 was utilised throughout both common areas and pathways in both stirrup and post top versions. This functional and contemporary luminaire also allowed emergency to be integrated across areas of the development promoting safety during power outages and in case of emergencies.

Perfectly placed along the building perimeters, QUARTO 2.0 created a subtle illumination with the pathway optic. It provided a powerful distribution to the walkways around the site to ensure high levels of uniformity and prioritise safety throughout.

We placed VIVA-CITY Pro and Flood luminaires around the car parks and entrances and exits where higher levels of light were needed. These flat to ground luminaires provided a powerful illumination in which increased visibility throughout the site. Both luminaires where also fitted with emergency modules ensuring far greater safety across site.

Overall, Mildenhall Hub now benefits from

  • Uniformity Levels of 0.25 or above
  • Emergency Lighting
  • A combination of post top, flood light and wall mounted luminaires on site






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