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Montrose Port


With an established maritime history dating back to the 12th century, Montrose Port has proved itself as a reputable base for shipping, transportation, and logistics in the North Sea region. 

Providing 1,000 metres of quayside with a berth depth of 8 metres on both sides of the port, the location also offers 42,000 m² of internal space and 130,000 m² of open storage space for many services and businesses.

The Project

Montrose Port required a high performance lighting system to replace their existing luminaires. Their prior fixtures were a combination of HID and SON, which had a low lifetime ranging between 6,000 – 30,000hrs. They also required several essential components to function such as ballasts, ignitors and capacitors which would lead to further cost during maintenance and replacing lamps.

After an initial evaluation of the port including structural integrity assessments and lux level tests, we progressed to producing a lighting design, in order to create a bespoke system perfect for the needs of this busy site. Meticulous attention was paid the specification of the port, including creating a comfortable working environment for all site users.

The Solution

The Kingfisher Projects and Lighting Design Teams agreed the AMNIS series would be the best solution for the site when paired with bespoke bracketry, in order utilise the pre-existing mast structures. The optical selection alone would provide a precise and powerful distribution to the north and south quay which allowed efficient movement for all traffic after dusk.

The Fittings

The AMNIS Series has been created with LED reflector technology to give a powerful, yet low glare illumination with an excellent distribution. As well as having a higher lifetime of 100,000hrs, Amnis gives a CRI > 70, which is much better successful site operations after dusk. With a flicker free output, the reduction of stroboscopic effects also means a better working environment for personnel on site.

33x AMNIS Flood luminaires were installed around the site which provided excellent uniformity for both docks. The shift to an LED fixture allowed for a quality, glare free illumination, as well as drastically reduced running costs sitewide.

The Bracketry

In order to utilise the existing column systems in place around the site, our in-house fabrication team created bespoke bracketry to mount the luminaires. This allowed not only security for the fixtures but also helped with the precise aiming of the flood lights to ensure uniformity.

The Installation

The Kingfisher High Mast Installation Team were onsite to ensure the safe installation of the luminaires as per the lighting design. With a wealth of expertise, the team ensured the project was completed to the highest standard and that all existing masts and headframes were functioning correctly to guarantee the best performance before the scheme was commissioned.

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