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Project Light, Canada Water



Nestled in the heart of London, Canada Water is home to the capital’s latest regeneration scheme. Project Light is a multi-phased venture that is seeing the development of thousands of new homes, businesses, and public realm areas near to the historic waterfront.

With a focus on human centricity, Project Light welcomes plazas, walkways, sports facilities, a library, alongside a public landscaped garden, designed and brought to life by one of London’s top agencies, Greenside Landscapes and illuminated by Kingfisher Lighting.

The Project

Project Light needed an elegant lighting system to accentuate their landscape gardens as well as illuminate the surrounding public pathways. London has strict regulations regarding light pollution and emissions, which formed key considerations when planning the lighting design.

The Kingfisher Project Team selected a combination of low colour temperatures and anti-glare luminaires to create a sophisticated, warm aesthetic that sits well within local guidelines.

The Luminaires

The objective was to create a unique visual experience that perfectly complements the elegant grounds and illuminates the pedestrian pathways, alongside highlighting key architectural features.

With a sleek, structured aesthetic, the Gothic 180 bollard was chosen as the main feature of the lighting scheme. With a square form, this Italian bollard has been specially designed to funnel the light ‘down and out’ to create a low glare output that perfectly illuminates the ground with warm 3000K light.

A total of Nighty-Nine bollards with a selection of three-way and four-way distribution were careful installed to ensure light was directed in the desired locations. The placement and optic range were utilised to create a geometric design on the ground’s surface. This design technique perfectly complements the trilateral outline of the site, as well as the artistically conceived sculptures that form a unique play area.   

A circular seating area surrounding the recreational space is also lined with Gothic bollards, while the inner circle is illuminated by the Italian built Thunder 55 luminaires. Recessed into the benches throughout the area, these small, yet powerful fixtures provide the perfect distribution.

Another key feature of the site is the table tennis arena. Set within one of the circular courtyards, this area is again lined with bollards and the subtle illumination of the recessed fitting, once again providing subtle illumination during game play.

Project Light in Canada Water now has a fitting lighting scheme that perfectly complements the elegant gardens. The low glare output of both the bollard and the recessed luminaires offers a visually comfortable experience in which residents and visitors can enjoy leisure activities without the interruption of harsh light.

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