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Thorpe Culvert Train Station

Thorpe Culvert, Skegness

Situated 7 miles from Skegness, Thorpe Culvert Train Station sees many travellers pass through on their journeys to popular UK holiday destinations such as Boston, as well as to city breaks in Nottingham. The station has two platforms in which passengers can relax on until their next train’s arrival.


Our client wanted a low glare solution to accommodate the surrounding greenery, busy roadways, as well as passengers waiting on platforms and train drivers alike. Their old system was made up from older HID technology, that brought high running costs, lengthy maintenance programmes and an uneven distribution of light. The excessive light spill compromised surrounding areas and brought a poor quality of the light to the area.

Auditing the site and surrounding areas helped us identify the extent to which obtrusive light could be damaging. Our expert Rail Team have years of experience working on trackside locations and are best placed to offer the best possible LED replacement solution to reduce the amount of nuisance light but also ensure a comfortable output for all traveling through.

The Solution

After the initial assessment, the Project Engineer and Lighting Design Team worked to create the scheme design, taking into account environmental factors, existing equipment and of course budgetary constraints.

The decision to utilise pre-existing columns meant we needed choose a luminaire able to direct the light onto specific areas without any visual disturbances, including glare and back spill.


The Italian built I-TRON was the perfect choice to illuminate the walkways and trackside areas. Its reflector-based system creates a sharp cut-off of light, eliminating back spill and focusing the light to where its needed. This luminaire also produces a softer, low glare illumination perfect to protect surrounding environments and promote human centricity.   

Thorpe Culvert’s new lighting scheme has brought this station into the modern age, with an efficient LED system that perfectly lights the historic site.

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