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Victoria Docks, City Quay


The award winning Dundee Waterfront is currently undergoing development following an astounding investment of £1 billion. The Waterfront is separated into five zones including: Central Waterfront, Seabraes, City Quay, Riverside and Dundee Port.


The Development

Dundee Waterfront rejuvenation project began in 2001, and isn’t due to be fully complete until 2031. Stretching 8 km alongside the River Tay, the development covers 240 hectares of land and will be home to the V&A design museum, the new railway station and an urban beach. The vision for the waterfront is "To transform the City of Dundee into a world leading waterfront destination for visitors and businesses through the enhancement of its physical, economic and cultural assets."

Not only will the development peak interest in new tourist attractions, the development will bring more attention to historical attractions like the HMS Unicorn which is moored in Victoria Docks, City Quay. One of the oldest ships of it’s kind in the world, the HMS Unicorn is now a museum and allows many visitors to have a magical experience through time.

The Project

The development presented an opportunity to illuminate the pedestrian bridge in Victoria Dock, towards the entrance of The Quay. A popular location in City Quay, The Quay is a unique event venue catering to many different events from big to small and public or private.

The existing lighting on the bridge was in dire need of renovation and we knew the exact solution…

Upon the site inspection, we discovered 14 old technology bollards along the bridge which guide pedestrians towards The Quay. We had a plan to replace the existing luminaires with new LED bollards reducing energy costs, as well as creating a stylish pathway to the elegant venue. We took into consideration for spacings, overall aesthetic and potential restrictions such dark sky compliance, uniformity and glare.

The Solution

When selecting suitable products, we had to be meticulous in the optic choice as the existing electrical locations needed to be utilised, while still distributing the light effectively. We wanted perfect illumination across the site as well as good uniformity so, we decided to bring a touch of Italy to the project with the elegant Klou 180 bollard.


Klou 180 was the ideal choice due to its optic and height selections. It is fitted with a transparent polycarbonate diffuser reducing glare, perfect for this site’s heavy pedestrian footfall. We opted for the radial optic due to its excellent distribution ensuring safe passage-way across the bridge. With an output of 1650 lum.lm and an efficacy of 87 lm/W, Klou provided exceptional illumination around the site.

Victoria Dock has now been modernised to suit the growing, contemporary aesthetic of the local area. The completed scheme not only adds an air of elegance, but is in keeping with the traditional Quay feel. The design allowed for outstanding uniformity, alongside visual comfort.

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