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Ysgol Gymraeg y Trallwng


After a £7 million investment, Ysgol Gymraeg Y Trallwng is the latest redevelopment in Welshpool, which combines a Grade II listed building with an all new structure built to ‘Passivhaus Standards’. The new primary school encourages students with bilingual practices with Welsh being the official school language.


The Project

In the heart of Welshpool, this contemporary school aimed to perfectly blend the old and new structures. They also ensured sustainability was at the forefront of their minds with both the Passivhaus building and lighting system.

Kingfisher Lighting were invited to design a high-performance lighting scheme with emergency capabilities. The brief specified by the client included the omission of wall mounted luminaires due to its Grade II listed status. The initial consultation raised the topic of ecological consideration, which were embraced during the design and product selection process.

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The Solution

We created an intuitive lighting design that incorporated low colour temperatures in order to promote visual comfort and protect local wildlife habitats. In order the preserve the integrity of the graded building’s façade, we used emergency modules within the selected bollards and only used wall mounted fittings on the newer parts of the development, ensuring the best possible distribution of light during an emergency situation.

The Products

20 x ITALO 1 luminaires in 2700K were used along the pathways and car parks to ensure safe passage for students, staff and parents. These high-performance street luminaires provided a uniform distribution to ensure a secure, well-lit environment.

9 x QUADRIO 3.5m light poles in 2700K were located around the fencing close to entrance and exit points. This sleek luminaire allows for an elegant illumination and includes 3-hour emergency capabilities.

We placed QUARTO 2.0 around the new Passivhaus structure close to play areas, entrance ways and general building perimeters. This flat-to-ground luminaire were mounted at 3m on the building’s facade to produce a comfortable output.

GOTHIC bollards, which also incorporated 3-hour emergency modules, were placed adjacent to the classrooms and fencing to create a low glare illumination increasing visual comfort around the site. We utilised a radial optic in order to produce the best distribution of light possible.

LUNIO amenity fixtures were placed around the main entrance of the school providing a high-quality, comfort illumination for after school pickups and staff departures.


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