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High Mast Lighting – What you need to know

Creating the perfect high mast lighting scheme comes with many challenges. Find out why our 5-step system can simplify your project and take the stress out of large area lighting.  


What is ‘High Mast Lighting’ and why do we need it?

The name says it all really – Lighting mounted atop high masts that creates extended coverage of the desired area. There are a number of reasons and scenarios why high mast lighting is needed, including large area or high-level lighting such as ports, carparks, sports arenas.

What do we need to consider?

As we move to a greener future and away from older HID technology, many sites are upgrading their lighting systems to energy and cost saving LEDs. There are many important factors to take into consideration when creating new, or replacing existing high mast lighting;

  • Uniformity across the site
  • Required lighting levels
  • New or existing masts
  • Head load and gear weights
  • Maintenance factors
  • Environmental conditions
  • Local area/ wildlife restrictions


End-to-end Solution - The Kingfisher Lighting 5 Step System

Our expert Project Team follow a simple 5-step system to guide you through what can be a complicated process of creating a successful high mast lighting scheme that will last for years.

1.      Audit & Design

The Project Team will first visit the site and evaluate the exact requirements and considerations. An assessment of any pre-existing equipment will be undertaken to see if any current masts or bracketry can be reused. The Team will look at relevant guidance notes, location requirements and of course conduct environmental surveys in order to create a full audit.

The dedicated Lighting Design Engineer will use this information to create a scheme design that perfectly meets the levels and uniformity required.

2.      The Mast

Where new masts are needed, the Team will guide and recommend the perfect masts for purpose. We offer three designs - fixed, hinged and raise and lowering head frames, all offering differing benefits.


With a strong and sturdy base, these masts are stronger than the usual conical or tubular column and can withstand the headload of many flood fittings as well as bespoke bracketry. As the name suggests, these masts, once installed are fixed and cannot be lowered again unless uninstalled.


Either base or mid-hinged, these masts can be lowered to allow easy ground access. This option ensures no expensive equipment is needed for maintenance work on the luminaires. They do however require ground clearance.

Raising and Lowering

Powered by an electrical winch and pulley system, these masts allow the headframe to be lowered to ground level to gain easy access in tight or restricted places. This option is perfect for applications such as ports, handling and storage areas.

3.      Lighting and Controls


We have a range of dark sky friendly sports and high mast luminaires perfectly created to suit a wide range of locations and conditions. Designed and engineered in the UK, the Amnis Series offers a robust marine grade finish with powerful, flicker free output. 

Our in-house Product Team produce energy efficient lighting with robust fixed bracketry that ensures no upwards light or back spill is produced. With the fixed seal of approval applied to these fittings through the IDA, they really are the perfect choice.


The Kingfisher system affords the ability to have complete control over your lighting scheme. From part night dimming to full sequence programming, we can design a bespoke system that perfectly meets the needs of your busy site.

4.      Installation and Commissioning

Our installation teams are made up of highly trained and experienced High Mast Engineers. Along with the in-house Project Team, we will work with you to create the best installation and commissioning plan to get your site up and running smoothly.

With all the relevant industry accreditations, insurances and standards being met our team has you covered!

5.      Maintenance

Ensuring your system is well-maintained is vital in preserving the lifespan and performance of the fixtures. Working both with our own, and with other manufacturer’s fittings, we make sure all systems are running at their best and comply with relevant health and safety regulations.

Our dedicated Sports and High Mast will guide you through all the options, recommendations, and bespoke options to help you get the most from your scheme, contact the Team to get started.


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