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Celebrating International Bat Night

International Bat Night, the global event seeing bat enthusiasts come together to celebrate all things bats! Throughout the UK, many events are taking place to raise awareness of these nocturnal creatures and what we can do to help. So, ‘hang around’ to find out more…  


Established in 1997, the Bat Conservation trust has held International Bat Night, but this year they’ve extended it across the two days, 29-30th August. The international event sees the world get involved in promoting the welfare and protection of bats. This year’s event is particularly special due to the launch of BatFest! It begins on International Bat Night and is a month long event dedicated to exploring the world of bats.

We, at Kingfisher have a vested interest in wildlife welfare and are continualy working to reduce the effects of lighting on the environment. So much so we’ve created our very own CPD surrounding the ‘Environmental Impacts of Lighting on Wildlife’ with a focus on responsible designs, suitable product offerings and low colour temperature options such as 2700K and 3000K.

I-Tron and Italo are just some of our luminaires suitable for areas that need to be mindful of protecting animal habitats. Both fittings come with the patented Comfort Optic and use reflector technology which further reduces light spill in certain areas, and allows our lighting designers to responsible focus the light in the desired areas. As well as this advanced technology, we have a whole host of fittings that are available with lower colour temperatures, which not only create a comfortable visual environment for humans, but help to preotect bats and wildlife against impacts on feeding behaviours, migration restrictions and defending themselves and their young against preditors.

BatFest has many events occurring all over the UK to educate the public about all things bat related! You can dip into individual events or buy a Batfest multi-ticket to access all the trust’s events. Featured events include Virtual Bat Walks, Bats and the Arts, Bat Science Stage and many more.

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