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DALI Dimming – What you need to know…

Benefitting schemes across the globe, DALI definitely impacted the industry as we know it. Did you know we have a range of DALI luminaires available with the ability to transform your schemes allowing versatility and control throughout? See below our guide assisting you through the world of DALI and what we have to offer.


Designed and engineered in the UK, our products are created with versatility, functionality and visual aesthetic in mind. We’re often asked which of our products are available with DALI. Kingfisher along with our Italian partners, offer a wide range of DALI solutions to complement most projects.

However, we believe it’s important to understand what DALI is, how it functions, and how it will benefit a range of your sites. See more below…

What is DALI?

Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, otherwise known as DALI, is a network-based product that controls lighting. The globally recognised system facilitates the transmission between a range of appliances controlling lighting through the use of wireless controls, sensors etc.

What are the Features of DALI?


When used in conjunction with a BMS (building management system), each DALI device used has it’s own individual interaction, allowing it to be controlled over a single DALI line. This allows the control of multiple luminaires and the ability to operate each one differently.

The Kingfisher Controls system allows you to perfectly manage the lighting levels within your project. It provides greater practicality within your schemes, due to it’s easy to use system, enabling anyone to be able to control the lighting.


The luminaires will be controlled through a range of commands. Our Kingfisher Controls system is excellent for dimming sites and allowing on/off switching through a control panel, remote key fob or more advanced control through a dedicated web-based portal.

The bespoke system ensures your site will be able to utilise all aspects of lighting through your chosen control device. Not only does it bring increased flexibility and functionality, but it also enables you to have wide cost-savings across your site. 


If a DALI pair of cables are wired down to the base of a column, fittings can be reprogrammed to run at a reduced level. This is ideal for situations where neighbours complain about new light installations as alterations can be made at ground level without changing drivers or rewiring.

So, as you can see the opportunities with DALI are endless, it can be used in a whole range of locations no matter the size. There are so many benefits to the system, such as the ability to configure and reconfigure for changing scenarios, enhanced dimming control and much more!

Designing with DALI

When designing with DALI, it is crucial you understand all the requirements that need catering for, such as aesthetics, functionality, adjustability and most of all performance.

The Kingfisher team are here for you every step of the way. They’ll assess your site and produce a tailored design meeting the specifications of your projects as well as recommending the best products for the application.

Our Solutions

We have an extensive range of luminaires suitable for many different projects. With a wide range of optics available, we’ll be sure to have something for you! See below for some of our products available with DALI.

Main-Menu-Image          ITALO 1

Villa II         Auriga 2.0_Stirrup

If you have any other questions for our team please contact or call 01623 415900 to find out what we can do for you.

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