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DECO 2.0 – What’s New?

Located at many hotels, restaurants, fast food spots, campsites, activity centres and more, the classic design of the DECO 2.0 lends itself various UK venues. At the core of Kingfisher practises, we’re passionate about product improvement and therefore we’d like to introduce some of the latest updates to the DECO 2.0 bollard.


Product Overview

A classic design with an on-site adjustable output, this versatile product provides a low-level illumination perfect for areas requiring minimised overhead lighting. Now available in 2700K and 4000K, this popular product is suitable for creating both human and animal centric schemes due to the warm colour temperature capabilities.

DECO 2.0 Accessories

Impact Kit

Designed with the customer in mind, we have released our very own impact kit to suit the DECO 2.0. Understandably when placed in car parks or high traffic areas or locations prone to vandalism, it can seem like damage is inevitable, but we’ve developed an impact kit with a compression load of over 100kg in order to prevent damage to the luminaires.

Deco with Impact Kit

Spill Shield

When creating a scheme for areas of natural outstanding beauty, light obtrusion such as glare and trespass need limiting in a bid to protect any surrounding wildlife habitats and residential areas. We’ve created a spill shield solution for the DECO 2.0 to create greater light control.

Deco Spill Shield

Bike Rack

Extend your expectations of this already versatile bollard as we now have bespoke bike rack option available. This option not only allows additional onsite storage but also ensures a secure place for visitors and customers to leave their bikes.

Deco with twin bike rack.  No background

Kingfisher Lighting is passionate about providing innovative solutions to expand project potentials. To find out more about the new DECO accessories contact our team today.

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