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LED Luminaire Maintenance Recommendations

While LED lighting can be considered relatively maintenance-free, we recommend to our customers that a regular maintenance schedule can prevent downtime, preserve performance, prolong the life of the luminaire and expand return on investment.


Here’s our top tips for getting the most from your fittings:

Keep the fitting clean

Dirt and grime can build up on the glass face of LED fittings. This can occur through weather conditions and the surrounding external environment. If your lighting is positioned near building sites, high traffic areas, marine or dusty settings, we recommend cleaning the fitting and glass annually to maintain the light output.

Body Inspections

Annual checks on the body of the fitting can help to identify any issues with the fixture, housing and mountings. Simply checking the condition of the body can help avoid failure, recognise if further maintenance is needed and reduce unplanned downtime.

Electrical Testing

Regular electrical assessments will help avoid unexpected downtime and help to identify any issues before they happen. Test that all sensors and drivers are working correctly with some simple electrical tests:

  • Visual Inspection | Before starting the electrical testing it is important to perform visual checks. Inspect all cables and components for breakages, cracks and any other visual damage.
  • Insulation Resistance Testing | Ensure the insulation surrounding the wire is fully intact and does not show signs of breakages or tears.
  • Earth Continuity Test |This test is designed to assess the quality of the connection from the earthing point through the circuit.
  • Polarity | This test is used to confirm the correct connection of the line and neutral conductors.

Remember that all installations are different, and you will need to tailor your maintenance plan to best serve your site.

If you have any further questions on this process to not hesitate to contact one of our team

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