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Reflector Technology in Sports Lighting

Lighting sports applications can be a challenge when taking into consideration flicker rate, back spill, obtrusive light and of course performance. By using advanced reflector technology we can achieve the perfect levels with none of the complications.

What is Reflector Technology?

In short, reflector technology is a method of distributing light using reflectors rather than PMMA lenses, which are commonly used within the industry. Using high-reflectance surfaces, the technology allows us to redirect incident light back to the front of the fitting, producing a comfortable output and allowing the light to be directed exactly where it’s needed.

Working together for almost 30 years, AEC have developed many innovative luminaires and advanced LED technology as we know it. With their dedicated, state of the art R+D lab, the expert team have designed the patented Comfort Light Optic. The system is built using aluminum and tempered glass creating two materials (air, glass, environment) in which the light must permeate through in comparison to the usual four (air, lens, air, glass, external environment), as illustrated below.


The AEC Comfort Light Optic is an excellent choice for your systems due to its low glare, effective light transition, no lens degradation, easy maintenance and no back spill.

What are the Benefits of Reflector Technology When Lighting Sports Pitches?

We recommend reflector technology for most sports schemes for a variety of reasons, including performance, longevity of life and visual comfort to name but a few.

Public Health England raises many issues surrounding bare-faced lenses, blue light and flicker. Reflector technology can be used to eliminate these worries and offer solutions for a more human-centric environment.

This technology has been designed to offer maximum visual comfort to players and spectators alike as the light source cannot be seen. The reflector hoods allow a precise cut off of light towards to back of the fitting, eliminating back-spill and controlling obtrusive light. This is particularly important for sites that are close to residential areas or wildlife habitats, causing the least amount of disruption as possible. 

The unique design of reflectors over lenses, allows for a more efficient and controlled output, saving energy and reducing overall running costs.

Our systems have gone through rigorous development in the lab and are designed to be low maintenance, again saving your time and money. A simple annual check will make sure your luminaires last a lifetime!

Our versatile range allows the illumination of any type or size of sports pitch, stadium or MUGA. Our fully qualified lighting design team and lighting consultants have the knowledge and experience to recommend the perfect combination of fittings and optics to alleviate any concerns surrounding restrictions and to meet the exacting specification of the site.

What Solution do we recommend?

ALO – This unique luminaire was created especially for sports applications. ALO is an all-around multifunctional flood light created with a thermal management system ensuring it can be used for long periods of time without overheating.

The 360° function, working with a dedicated control system allows this versatile fitting to easily transition between game and entertainment functions. Fully compatible with top of the range DMX systems, which can perfectly execute even the most complex of light shows. The system can then, at the flick of a switch, turn back into flicker-free, high-performance game mode.

Available with a range of optics, ALO can offer a full solution for any site, no matter how complex.


We offer a wide range of luminaires using reflector technology including I-TRON, Amnis, Eco-rays and many more….

To find out what we can do for your schemes please contact our team on or browse our range.

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