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SOX Replacements

A popular choice since the 1930’s, SOX lamps took the world by storm due to their high energy efficiency. However with the introduction of LEDs, the industry has discovered new innovative ways to make sure you’re getting the most out of your lighting.

Lighting is advancing and changing everyday and there are so many options to choose from in comparison to the time of the SOX lamp. We offer an array of luminaires which will perfectly replace your existing SOX fittings, no matter the location. See below how we can assist you on the journey to better lighting.


What is a SOX lamp?

A SOX fitting usually comes with a low pressure sodium lamp, which is made from solid sodium which vapourises when the lamp is turned on.

The lamps produce a golden yellow glow which can take up to 15 minutes to fully develop it’s intended colour. However, the colour produced causes problems visually as surroundings often appear black and white instead of their normal colour.


Kaos (above) is one of our HID fittings still available from Kingfisher.


LED luminaires are a more efficient solution than the SOX fitting. This is due to site costs, colour rendering, light distribution to name but a few.

Light Distribution

SOX fittings offer a 360 omnidirectional distribution which may be difficult to control. There are many different accessories needed in order to reflect and direct the light which can be costly for your site.

LED luminaires can provide a wide range of distributions and optics for your sites. Our range of luminaires will be sure to have the right optic for you. Also, many products within our Kingfisher range features reflector based technology so there’s no need for additional accessories, unlike the SOX.

Colour Rendering

It has been said many times that the colour rendering of SOX lanterns is some of the worst in the industry. It makes areas appear yellow, grey or black which is a very unnatural colour in comparison to LEDs. The Kingfisher product range offers a wide range of colours varying from 2700k up to 5000K dependant on your site's needs. We’ll have a solution for you!

Maintenance Factors

The maintenance of LED are much less than the maintenance of SOX. This is due to longer lifetimes and no lamp replacements or additional components which reduces costs. On top of that our expert team will advise you on the best ways to ensure you get the most from your fittings click here for more.

Instant Start

SOX fittings take a while to warm up which can be inconvenient if you need instant illumination, however, LED fittings can be turned on or off when desired. The advantages don’t end there! We can offer a wide range of dimming options to help tailor your lighting scheme to meet your needs this could be part-night dimming to certain luminaires working at a certain time.

Cost Savings

LED fittings are guaranteed to reduce cost-savings across your site. Not only do you save on additional accessory and maintenance costs, you can save tremendously on your running costs. The electricity cost per year with LED can be reduced by almost £300. When comparing the total cost over the space of 25 years, you could save up to £10,000 by using our LED luminaires as opposed to SOX and HID fittings.


What we recommend

We have a wide range of LED alternatives as well as an expert team to help guide you on the way to a more efficient scheme. The I-Tron in particular is an excellent option due to its reflector based system, colour temperature variation as well as a comfort glass option, further reducing glare for your areas.

The expert technical and lighting design team will be sure to offer you the best advice for your sites. They’ll survey your site and determine which options are best for you considering lux levels, wattage, light distribution all from your existing scheme.

See some case studies below showcasing how we’ve transformed non LED schemes to a full LED conversion ensuring the most from their lighting.

Avondale Square

Contact our team today and discover how we can help you!

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