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Amenity lighting / AEC


A sleek amenity fitting suited to an urban environment.


The ARYA luminaire shall be manufactured from high-pressure die-cast aluminium and powder coated with a graphite grey marine grade finish. It shall have a power output of 22 - 53W, with an efficacy from 113 - 124lm/W. It shall deliver 2,580 – 6,260 luminaire lumens. The ARYA shall create a comfortable low glare illumination with distributions to suit pathways, urban areas and public area lighting. It shall have a fully programmable DALI driver. The luminaire shall come in 2700K, 3000k and 4000K and be IK07 and IP66 rated and is available in post top, catenary and suspended options. 

Key features

Luminaire Lumens 2,580 - 6,260

Power 22 - 53W

Efficacy 113 - 124 luminaire lm/W

2700K, 3000K, 4000K

Lifetime >100,000hr

Driver Included


Urban & civic areas

Pathways & pedestrian areas

Parks & plazas


ITALO1_2.0 (17)

AEC Illuminazione

Technical street lighting

Intense R&D, robust testing, state-of-the-art manufacturing.

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Comprehensive range

Great quality, affordable and practical lighting solutions.

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Italian design

Lighting form and function designed for humans.

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