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Street lighting, Amenity lighting / Arcluce


With a contemporary design, KRANE offers an ultra modern aesthetic to any urban landscape. Available with a choice of output, colour temperature and low glare solutions.


The KRANE shall be manufactured from die-cast aluminium with an extruded aluminium body and powder coated with a graphite grey or aluminium silver finish. It shall have a power output of 39.0 - 81.0W, with an efficacy of 76lm/W. It shall produce 2,700 - 5,900 luminaire lumens. The KRANE is available with symmetrical optics for urban projects. Available in 3000K or 4000K, the luminaire shall be IK10
and IP66 rated.

Key features

2,700 - 5,900 Luminaire Lumens

Power 39.0W - 81.0W

Efficacy up to 76 lm/W

3000K, 4000K, CRI>80

Lifetime 60,000, L80

IP65, IP66, IK08, IK10

Single or Double Illumination

Post Top 60mm

ITALO1_2.0 (17)

AEC Illuminazione

Technical street lighting

Intense R&D, robust testing, state-of-the-art manufacturing.

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Comprehensive range

Great quality, affordable and practical lighting solutions.

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Italian design

Lighting form and function designed for humans.

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