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Roundhouse, Derby College

Kingfisher Lighting were approached by the appointed M&E contractor, Nottinghamshire based Imtech G&H to provide an external lighting solution. This included lighting the two main car parks, associated pathways and landscaped areas to the new campus.

Located on Pride Park, at the heart of the city, this new development will be home to 2,500 students undertaking vocational courses in trades from construction and engineering to hairdressing and catering. The Roundhouse is a £48million regeneration scheme offering 18,000 square metres of learning and teaching space. The development includes the sympathetic transformation of the once derelict Grade II building and a series of new buildings which perfectly complement the character of the original premises. Originally constructed in 1839 for the repair of locomotives, by Robert Stephenson, who in association with his father George, designed and created the Rocket!

Kingfisher Lighting were approached by Imtech G&H to provide an external lighting solution to the various aspects of the project. This included lighting the two main car parks, associated pathways and landscaped areas throughout the new campus, and architectural façade lighting of the historic Roundhouse and the new buildings.

Lighting the façade of the Roundhouse was trusted to the Inground 350 series uplighter and the Stellar 1 architectural floodlight both fitted with 70W Metal Halide lamps. The high colour rendering of the chosen light source (Ra70) and the optical performance of the uplighters and floodlight ensured the colour of the deep red brickwork and all of the building’s character was perfectly highlighted. The Inground 350 series was utilised across the other front facing buildings to ensure continuity of the façade lighting effect. The remaining building facades used the Inground 260 series fitted with 42W compact fluorescent lamps. This ensured similar colour rendering, but allowed for a subtle approach to less prominent buildings.

The main car park to the front of the site and the overspill car park to the rear were effectively lit with the Kaos 1 luminaire. The specification included the road lantern distribution fitted with 150W High Pressure Sodium lamps and mounted at 8m. The light distribution allowed for a staggered lighting design approach to the car park layout, thus minimising the number of lighting points and the physical intrusion of the scheme. In addition to single mounted column, the scheme utilised a limited number of twin mounted and wall mounted lighting points.

This project is regarded as the hub to Derby College’s development plans and called upon the design skills of Maber Architects who were responsible for master planning the restoration of the original building and the development plans for the new campus. The responsibility of delivering this vision was awarded to the main contractor, Derbyshire based, Bowmer & Kirkland.


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