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Innovation in Sports Lighting

Kingfisher have over 35 years’ experience in creating bespoke solutions for a variety of different applications, and with the popularity of our sports division rising, we’d like to remind you of just some of the things we have available in our range. 


What do we offer?

We offer a wide variety of solutions for all your sports and high-mast applications, including one of a kind bracketry and unique controls systems. If your site needs an upgrade or you don’t know where to begin, our expert team will guide you from planning to completion to ensure the perfect scheme.

Initial Planning Stages

The Kingfisher Sport Team offer site consultations both in person and over the phone to determine the best solutions for you. This enables our engineers to evaluate your options through observing space, amenities, equipment, surrounding properties or wildlife habitats and much more, while still catering for any additional needs such as dimming profiles.

Lighting Design

After your initial consultation, the team will produce a complete lighting design following both British Standards and ILP Guidance as well as any other relevant regulations including FA requirements. Our talented Design Team will be able to create everything from small scale calculations to 3D walkthroughs and visualisations.

Selecting the Right Product for You

During design stage, we will determine the ideal flood lights for your applications no matter how big or small - we have you covered! We have many flat-to-ground luminaires meeting GN01-2021 Guidance as well as flicker free and reflector-based systems encouraging maximum visual comfort for all site users.

Amnis Series


Designed and Engineered in the UK, the Amnis Series is our IDA (International Dark Skies Association) approved flood lights. Available in Flood, Pro and Match, the high-powered luminaires are also available in a range of colour temperature options ensuring they meet your sites desired output.

Amnis is also flicker free eliminating stroboscopic effects for all site users. It makes areas such as docks safer for those using machinery or heavy equipment as they have a more comfortable working environment without distractions such as flickering light.



The mighty Italian fixture capable of producing a showstopping performance, ALO, perfect for large scale stadium designs, can be used both during play and half-time events. Featuring two optical systems, Sport Professional and the patented B-Asymmetric, this luminaire will suit both many sports pitches as well as catering for any other lighting needs such as shows and concerts.

The multifunctional flood also comes available in three sizes to ensure you have the perfect output across your site without adding any different floods into the mix. 



Sleek in body great in performance, EQOS is the Italian flood with style. Suitable for area lighting EQOS is available in two versions professional and performance and can perfectly illuminate large areas. It’s many optic variations also allow you to maintain the perfect uniformity within your site without any back potential back spill or over lighting complications.



The innovative flood with easy installation and low maintenance, Zactis has a low-profile design which reduces the overall headload and windage. This luminaire is available with both photocell and nema options ensuring you have a versatile and practical system in place.

Alike the Amnis Series, Zactis is actually marine grade coated which ensures corrosion is minimised around areas with high salt exposure.

Kingfisher Controls


When deciding on variable usage for any scheme, you must consider the most appropriate options for your site such as dimming times, control switches, signal etc. Kingfisher Controls is the unique system that can be tailored to any design and specification. We ensure that all your systems perform to the best of their abilities.



We also have a wide variety of masts available including fixed, base and mid hinged and raising and lowering heads. The team will be able to assist on the best options for you upon site consultation as they’ll examine if you have room for ground clearance as well as many other factors.

What makes us different from other manufacturers?

We are IDA accredited which demonstrates our dedication to reducing light pollution in the night sky. The Amnis series is not only dark sky friendly but flicker free and suitable for HDTV and slow-motion broadcasting. It is suitable for many broadcasting locations ensuring a crystal clear image for all.

With our many years of experience within the lighting sector, we’ve seen the rise and fall of many schemes. This gained knowledge has helped us expand our range and provide high quality sports and high mast fixtures. To find out more about our products and services please contact us.


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