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Great Brickhill

Kingfisher Lighting has designed, supplied and installed the sports lighting solution for this community project.

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The scheme was part-funded by the local community with the assistance of local authority grants. Coin operated controls are part of the lighting scheme too - enabling the facility to help pay for itself.

Two tennis courts and a MUGA (Multi-Use Games Area) were designed and installed by our sports lighting team.

The tennis courts were lit to Class 3 with 300 lux and 70% uniformity. The MUGA was lit in line with Sports England Levels with 200 lux and 70% uniformity.

Our 8m and 6m mid-hinged columns were used throughout the scheme to assist with safe and low-cost maintenance. With hinged columns the flood lighting is lowered down to ground level, which means there is no need for expensive cherry pickers and the access headaches they can bring.

The sports flood lighting design used a combination of Scorpius 1000W asymmetric flood lights with a 65 degree cowl on the tennis courts and twin Aludra 250W floodlights on the MUGA to achieve the necessary lighting levels.

The entire lighting installation was managed by our own sports lighting team, who ensured that the lighting coordinated with the sports contractors on site and that the project ran on time and to budget. We completed the project with a lighting level check to ensure the scheme was the same in practice as it was on paper.