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Comfort in the Kingfisher Range

When creating any lighting scheme, visual comfort is essential to achieving a human-centric environment. We’ve created a guide to all the ways we can help improve visual comfort within your schemes.


First things first… What is Visual Comfort?

The human eye is one of the most important organs in our bodies, when it comes to our senses and it is crucial to reduce as much damage to them as possible. Visual comfort focuses on the individual response to the quality of light as well as the amount of light within a space at any given time.

Too much or too little light will negatively affect the human eye causing not only your eyes to strain but other side effects such as eye fatigue, nausea and headaches.


What different systems do we offer to assist with visual comfort?

There are three key systems we use to ensure visual comfort throughout your sites colour temperature, light diffusers and reflector based technology.

Colour Temperature

Measured on the Kelvin (K) Colour Temperature Scale, colour temperature is a way to describe the appearance of light provided by a source. Typically, Kelvin temperatures used in commercial and residential areas fall between 2000K – 6500K, but choosing the wrong colour could have major impacts on your scheme.

We recommend using a colour temperature of 2700K – 3000K when focusing on comfort for your designs. This is because 4000K and 5000K gives off a cool daylight shade which can mimic daylight and have effects on not only human but wildlife safety. Choosing a warmer colour temperature such as 2700K and 3000K ensures your sites are more inviting and friendly for all.


Used to evenly distribute light around the desired area, diffusers can be an excellent solution to reduce harsh light and save on energy! The diffusers job is to provide soft light as opposed to harsh light directly from a light source which ensures a comforting atmosphere for all.

The Kingfisher range feature a range of luminaires with optional diffusers such as Semita Urban, Quadrio and I-TRON. They ensure a comfortable light output, reduce harsh glare and create a human-centric environment, no matter the location.

Reflector Technology

PMMA lenses are a popular choice for many lighting schemes however, are they the best choice for your system? We use reflector technology as an alternative to PMMA lenses due to their excellent light distribution which ensures energy reductions across your sites.

Reflectors are used to evenly disperse light as the light source is placed further up in the luminaire. By ensuring the light source is barely visible to the human eye, we are able to reduce glare and maintain control of the luminaire. This not only guarantees better management of light but also enhanced performance for your schemes.


What do we have to offer?

We have many different ways of ensuring your systems offer visual comfort from bollards to street luminaires, architectural fittings to flood lights and everything in between! Most fittings in our vast range are available with colour temperature, photocell and emergency options. The Kingfisher range is specifically designed to be versatile and practical without compromising on quality and style.

Semita Urban

One of the most recent luminaires to join the Kingfisher range is the Semita Urban wallpack which comes with an optional ‘click on’ diffuser. With three optics and wattages ranging from 4W – 11W, Semita can provide you with any illumination to suit your project's needs. The versatility doesn’t end there with photocell, emergency and full control compatible technology available, you don’t want to miss out!


This Italian built luminaire will ensure style and sophistication within your lighting design. The unique square bollard is available in both comfort and performance options. The opal screen on the comfort option allows the luminaire to emit a diffused illumination offering visual comfort and reduces light pollution to surrounding areas. By using Quadrio Comfort, you will reduce the amount of bollards needed within your schemes due to their excellent distribution.


Equipped with innovative reflector technology, I-TRON is the practical Italian luminaire with a modern angular aesthetic. Designed in AEC’s state of the art R&D lab, the system is created so the light must pass through only two materials in comparison to the four in other reflector based systems.

By reducing the materials the light passes through, there is less chance of the light changing paths as it refracts through the different materials making it easier to control and improving efficiency. When paired with the patented AEC comfort optic, I-TRON guarantees ultimate comfort due to its 0% upward light, no back spill and a low glare output.

Amnis Series

Concerned about obtrusive light, glare and overspill in your sports and high mast schemes? We have the solution… Get the ultimate viewing experience with the Amnis series. Created using reflector technology, the high performance luminaires ensure a glare free game for both players and spectators alike.

Amnis is also flicker-free and perfect for televised viewing. These high performance luminaires come available with a wide range of narrow and wide optics, as well as two body sizes, making one of the most versatile ranges of sports lighting on the market.


We offer many more luminaires guaranteed to achieve visual comfort and a soft light distribution. The Kingfisher team are on hand recommend the best options for your site and guide you through your project from conception to commissioning.

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