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Baltimore Wharf


This prestigious development project placed in the heart of the Isle of Dogs, sees many people pass through on their daily commute. Based just five minutes from Canary Wharf, it is one of London’s most exciting developments and has created over 1,000 residencies as well as 2,400 sq.m of retail space.


The Project

This busy thoroughfare is home to retail outlets, residential and outdoor public spaces and the client required a sophisticated lighting scheme to enhance the luxury aesthetic of the development.

With public safety named as a high priority, the client needed the scheme to encompass style and functionality with careful consideration taken on colour temperature, placement and of course performance. 


The Solution

We explored our product range for the perfect solution evaluating which fittings had both the look and the performance required. Nothing offers luxury like Italian made luminaires so, we combined a range of our architectural and street luminaires.

We carefully placed 33 Master luminaires circulating the Baltimore Tower and the surrounding sculpture gardens near the residential area. Master 3 was the perfect luminaire for this modern area due to its sleek modular design and excellent efficiency. We used asymmetric optics perfect to illuminate the walkways ensuring people remain comfortable whilst taking a leisurely stroll or returning from work.

For a subtle yet impactful illumination, we carefully selected a combination of 4000K Inground and recessed luminaires. The use of Inground, Linea-In and Krio-In fixtures helped accentuate key features such as the sculpture and landscape gardens as well as other pedestrian areas. Their different optics from ultra wide to medium distributions created a visually stunning look across the site.

We also used Ray downlighters to create a classic illumination amongst Baltimore Tower’s entrance and exits. This provides a clear illumination assisting people on their way home after dusk especially if they’re new to the area.

Baltimore Wharf now have a state-of-the-art lighting scheme in which perfectly reflects the modern aesthetic of the site, whilst still providing a powerful illumination.  




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