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Nepicar Park

Wrotham, Kent

Industry meets architecture

This Kent based site, Nepicar Park is home to the £3.5m development that includes warehousing units, trade counters and hosts many successful businesses.

Designed to suit the less ‘industrial’ occupier, the architectural scheme incorporates features and materials that wouldn’t be on a typical industrial estate, including the use of high-end materials to which promotes to feeling of quality and offers a true sense of space for businesses and their customer alike. This exclusive project was shortlisted in the Kent Design and Development Awards, which invites only the best in design and architecture.


Working closely with our client, we created a sophisticated lighting scheme to compliment the architect’s vision, avoided the use of traditional bollards and column mounted fittings. Instead we opted for the exclusive use of wall mounted luminaires across the site.

Our expert Lighting Designers carefully selected luminaires with optimum performance and excellent distribution. Optics packages were selected which directly angled the light towards the open spaces such as roadways and car parks ensuring the safe and secure movement of traffic.

The Luminaires

Galileo - Roadways & carpark

The Italian built flood light was the perfect choice for this installation due to its stylish Italian design alongside high performance output. The optics were designed using reflector technology which offered significant reduction in glare, making it perfect for this busy site.

Quarto – Perimeter lighting

This practical, yet stylish wall mounted fitting offers excellent efficiency and was the perfect choice for Nepicar Park. Offering perimeter illumination across the whole site Quarto offers a range of optics, meaning we were able to select the perfect distribution to offer the best quality of light to the area. The street optics was chosen with the addition of emergency back-up.

Linea-in – Highlighting the entrance signage

The elegantly designed recessed fitting of a simple yet effective distribution. The Linea-In was selected to offer illumination for signage.

Our bracketry and accessories are also present in the background perfectly complimenting the fittings chosen for Nepicar Park.

ITALO1_2.0 (17)

AEC Illuminazione

Technical street lighting

Intense R&D, robust testing, state-of-the-art manufacturing.

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Comprehensive range

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Italian design

Lighting form and function designed for humans.

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