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Kingfisher illuminating the ‘Home of the Reds’ with our Italian-built luminaires


Built in 1884, Anfield is the seventh largest stadium in England. Originally home to Everton (1884-1891), the grounds became home to Liverpool FC in 1892, now the most successful British club of all time winning 18 League titles, 8 League Cups, 7 FA Cups, 5 European Cups and 3 UEFA Cups.

Our expert Project Engineers and Lighting Design Teams were tasked with designing a new lighting scheme, upgrading the site to state-of-the-art LED technology. We were responsible for illuminating the building perimeters, public walkways within the site, as well as the carpark.

We used, high-quality Italian-built luminaires in order to rejuvenate the sites lighting. We used a combination of architectural lighting, area and street lighting to help bring light to the exterior of the stadium.

Our Krion-In Short and Linea-In recessed fittings, ideal for façade lighting, were placed alongside the steps to the entrance of the stadium. The placement of these enhanced the area giving an elegant illumination.

We used Pantheon 2, a high-performance architectural flood light to emphasise the features of the building as well as the surrounding area. We chose Pantheon due to its unique look and powerful light output.

Italo 2 fittings were chosen for their high-performance, functionality and sleek design to illuminate car parks around Anfield. The fittings made parking areas more secure creating a safer environment around the site. 

9m, 12m and 15m columns were placed around the site from the car park to the pathways to outside the stadium. We wanted to adapt column sizes to suit specific areas such as carparks, pathways, and public areas.

The new and improved installation will reduce costs, save energy, and improve the overall efficiency within the site, as well as creating a safe and visual experience for people visiting the ground.


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