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Harwell Campus


Home to a thriving community of over 6,000 scientists, engineers and innovators, Harwell Campus provides opportunities to work alongside leading science and technology organisations. With an ambitious strategy to expand the community, the campus is planning on an investment of over 1.5 million square feet to increase the populace to over 15,000.


Located in the beautiful Oxford countryside, the contemporary Quad Two campus required an innovative lighting solution maintaining human centricity at its core.

The Project

The vision was to create a calm light filled space in which balanced aesthetic and functionality with a specific focus on visual comfort.

The Solution

After an initial assessment, the Kingfisher Lighting Projects Team selected various architectural and amenity luminaires to create an innovative lighting system with excellent performance.

With prominent levels of visual comfort, the COMPASS luminaire was an excellent choice for promoting human-centricity throughout the site. We had two mounting options around the site with a standard post top and urban post top. This combination added to the modern architecture of the site creating a unique aesthetic whilst maintaining functionality.

For the downlighter, RAY was the obvious option with a sleek stainless-steel finish and powerful performance. Providing illumination to the entrances and exits of the buildings, these elegant architectural luminaires utilised their flood 29° optics to create a subtle distribution.

CINEP is a sleek option to add accent lighting to enhance architectural features of the site as well as provide under seat illumination after dusk. Perfect for creating subtle highlights, this luminaire was a perfect fit for the science site. 

The Italian-made architectural flood, DUEVENTI, was placed in communal areas to create maximum visual comfort. It’s contemporary compact design further enhanced the overall aesthetic of this modern campus allows a seamless integration. 

We chose the SEMITA Urban to illuminate one of the building entrances. It utilised 3-hour emergency functions allowing further safety in case of a power outage. The robust wallpack also featured a photocell reducing the amount of energy needed to operate.

Overall, we create an innovative lighting scheme for this unique contemporary site whilst maintaining high levels of visual comfort throughout.


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