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Avondale Square


Owned by the City of London for over 700 years, Avondale Square Estate was constructed between 1958 and 1962 and is the largest of their housing estates. It was originally known as ‘twelve acres’ which still remains acknowledged from the ‘Twelve Acres House’ built there in 2016. Consisting of 640 homes, Avondale Square is also home to has a church, parish hall, shops and a green area running throughout the site.


Bemco, Watford approached our team and tasked Kingfisher with upgrading all exterior lighting on site to LED. We optimised their system through combining products from our street, amenity and flood light ranges.

We were requested to provide an alternative product for some spherical 250W SON fittings across the site so, we decided our 8W LED Sloane 2.0 was an ideal solution. Afterwards, we recommended some flood lights to place around the perimeters of the basketball court along with our fuse cutouts and brackets. Our Viva-City Pro’s were the ideal solution for illuminating car parks with their T4 optics providing excellent light distribution across the area for added security.

Our LED lighting scheme not only reduced energy costs throughout the site but also reduces the maintenance times by converting from SON fittings to our LED alternatives. Our luminaires have a long life and provide great distribution using a lower amount of energy compared to other SON and HID products.

After a column survey was completed we found we were able to reuse some of the existing columns, located around the site. From here we were able to fabricate the perfect brackets to compliment the new luminaires and the overall scheme.

More about the luminaires…

Sloane 2.0 was the perfect replacement for the pathways and estate plazas. The spherical design boasts a form fitting spill shield to avoid glare to nearby housing, as well as supplying excellent radial distribution.

Viva-City Pro was an ideal solution for illuminating the car parks. It’s T4a Optic provided great light distribution across the area. The sleek street lantern was the ideal choice and was fitted with dimming and photocell options reducing energy usage through detecting light and operating automatically with the changing seasons.

Carina flood lights were selected for the perimeters of the basketball courts. It was an excellent solution due to its symmetrical distribution allowing light to focus on key specific areas within the site, giving little to no light spill surrounding the courts.


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