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Creating Memorable Schemes | The Series Introduction

When planning an installation of any kind, the focus can often be on the structural and architectural planning side, with lighting being overlooked as an aesthetic feature.  However, good lighting design can be a defining factor in making a space work to its full potential. In this series of articles, we will be exploring the techniques and considerations for creating truly memorable lighting schemes.

Drawing on the wealth of knowledge of the expert Lighting Design Team, this series will bring you real world techniques, tricks of the trade and help you visualise the potential of using lighting to enhance your space.


Firstly, we’re looking at the purpose and role of lighting in any scheme and outlining considerations we will be exploring later in the series.

Functional Design

Obviously, the primary function of adding luminaires to a scheme is to shed light on specific areas of a site. Functional lighting is practical; used to create safe, illuminated environments for specific purposes. Aesthetic is often not considered and may not be needed; therefore, an energy and cost-efficient design and product selection could be the name of the game. However, why not aim for both function and form? We will be exploring how to make even the simplest concept pack a punch.

The Role of Lighting

Lighting surrounds us every day and performs more than just functional illumination, but not everyone realises the significance and role of good scheme design. If task based or purely functional lighting was the sole purpose, after dusk we’d be saying goodbye to several iconic landmarks around the world including the Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the Eiffel Tower and the Sydney Opera House.


Lighting is one of the fundamental aspects of these landmarks, not only does it stop the attraction fading into the darkness but continues the narrative of the buildings design and architecture. Lighting can be used to evoke feeling and emotion, it can be used to tell a story and take visitors on a journey. Different design techniques exhibit different results; therefore, illumination can be used to emphasise key features of a structure such as textures, colours, and forms; helping achieve the architect’s vision.  

Using varying illumination techniques including wall washes, up-lighting and optical effects it is possible to create a show stopping scheme. In addition to such techniques, other contributing factors to consider are building materials, space, luminaire type, control options, optic distribution, colour temperature and much more.

We will be exploring all of these considerations and techniques over this series of articles giving some examples of Kingfisher schemes over the years.


Our Work

Kingfisher have worked alongside Italian partners, AEC and Arcluce for over 30 years collaborating on all manners of schemes. This includes Liverpool FC, Gabriel Square, Jedburgh Campus and not forgetting Central Square, Leeds.

We have a state of the art luminaire range suitable for a variety of locations including residential areas, parks and recreational areas as well as hotels and plazas. These can be in a range of colour temperatures, RGB and DALI options.  

We can also create architecturally exciting schemes with our wide offering on wall washes, inground and uplighters. These luminaires have varying optical distributions and when used meticulously they can have different impacts. Examples would be narrow beam distributions to highlight pillars and features, but also using asymmetric beams emphasise the contours of a shape.

However, if you know what fittings you need but are unsure on the placement or what the final outcome will look like, our in house lighting design engineers are on hand to assist. They have advanced lighting design software and can produce full 3D site visualisations so you can see your site come to life.

Initially planning your site seems daunting, but with the Kingfisher Team, you’ll never have to worry. Our expert Project Engineers will keep you on track no matter the limitations you may face along the way such as budget restrictions and site inspections in which can cause delays.

See some examples of our work below –

Central Square


London - E+C

To find out more about our services please contact our team at or on 01623 415900

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