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Keep Ahead of the Game with Amnis Match

Maximise performance with the compact yet powerful Amnis Match Flood. Joining the powerful Amnis family, Match packs the punch that guarantees excellence, every time.

Designed and engineered in the UK, Amnis Match is the latest addition to the Amnis family, opening up this already versatile range and maximising the possibilities with sports and high mast applications. Developed at half the size of other leading flood lights, Amnis Match definitely does not compromise on performance or on energy savings. This unique flood light is the perfect choice!

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Efficiency as Standard

With an efficacy of up to 145lm/W, the luminaire uses less operating energy reducing running costs in comparison to other sports floods. The luminaire lumens range from 44,000 – 99,000 lum.lm ensuring specified lighting levels are perfectly met across the site without compromising on a quality output.

Reflector Technology

Developed in the UK and equipped with advanced reflector technology, Amnis Match allows greater distribution across the site whilst providing a glare-free output for both players and spectators alike. This technology allows better control over the output, directing the light towards designated areas and stamps out backspill. This vast reduction of obtrusive light alleviates visual disturbances for local residential areas and wildlife habitats.

Flicker Free

‘Flicker’ is an ongoing topic within the industry and can be related to public health issues, as well as difficulties with televisual broadcasting. With a percentage flicker of 0.12%, Amnis Match is perfectly placed on sites where HD televised events are held and alleviates related health issues.
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Amnis Match brings a wealth of benefits to any sports or high mast application including the reduction of maintenance, running and energy costs, allows for integrated control systems, offers visual comfort across the site and gives the perfect flicker free output.

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The Kingfisher Sports and High Mast Team are here to guide you through the best options for your project; everything from assessing current equipment, site condition and the local area considerations, all the way to recommending the best products, controls and maintenance options for your site. Get in touch with the experts today.


We’ve already seen fantastic results with the Amnis range, bringing high efficiency as well as cost savings throughout many sites across the UK. See some recent case studies where we’ve upgraded old HID technology with the Amnis Pro and Sports luminaires.

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