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Wooldridge View

New Milton

Wooldridge View  (36)

Based in New Milton, Wooldridge View has 50 affordable one and two bedroom apartments for people over the ages of 55 with care and support needs. The development allows independent living that brings peace of mind, with support teams available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Project

The site required a dark sky friendly scheme due to its location in Forest Pines with surrounding woodland and residential areas. This also meant that there was a requirement foremergency lighting throughout to ensure residents and support staff could easily navigate pathways during the event of power outages.

After an evaluation of the site, the Kingfisher Experts sought out a high-quality solution combining post top, bollards and wall mounted lighting to provide a high-quality solution.

The Solution

Building Perimeter

We selected SEMITA Urban in 2700K to illuminate the building perimeter. This flat-to-ground wall luminaire is DarkSky approved minimising glare and light pollution whilst promoting a comfortable output for all. We combined path and street optics to create an average lux level of 23.3 and 0.26 uniformity. They also featured 3-hour emergency modules to adhere to strict specifications.

Gardens and Walkways

The garden features 18 x VAILO bollards throughout featuring a symmetric optic to ensure the light reaches exactly where it is needed. With a colour temperature of 2700K, this sleek bollard also includes 3-hour emergency capabilities to promote safety in the event of an emergency. Overall, for the terrace we achieved a uniformity of 0.54, and for the walkways we achieved a uniformity of 0.25.

Access Road and Car Park

Along the access road and throughout the car park, we have used ITALO luminaires in 2700K to provide high performance and high efficiency. ITALO features an innovative reflector technology system,which ensures greater control of the light reducing spill across and therefore reducing obtrusive light throughout. The access road achieved 0.32 uniformity where the car park achieved 0.35 for maximised safety.

Overall, Wooldridge View now benefits from a low glare 2700K scheme which perfectly meets their strict requirements. With a combination of standard and emergency luminaires, this scheme provides a comfortable and safe illumination for all areas.

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