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Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week!

As the nation recognises the impact of for individuals, employers and the economy, we celebrate our apprentices past and present.


Kingfisher are proud to have been supporting schemes for several years. Many of our apprentices remain with the company today and others have moved on to great positions elsewhere. 

Leanne Derry joined Kingfisher as an Apprentice at the age of 19 and over the past 8 years she has risen to be Deputy Projects Department Manager. Leanne has been a dedicated member of the Kingfisher Team from day 1 and handles a great deal of responsibility in her role.

Alex Eldred & Lewis Clarke joined Kingfisher Lighting as Business Administration Apprentices back in 2018 and have now gone on to be full time Trainee Lighting Designers. Both Alex and Lewis have both taken to Lighting Design well and working closely with the rest of the team to increase their skills.

Jasmine Sleney joined us in 2019 as a Business Administration Apprentice and works closely alongside the Marketing Team on a wide range of projects, including website maintenance, product pricing and copy writing.

Zachery Wells also joined is 2019 on a Fabrication scheme and has hit the gown running. Working hard with the rest of the team, he is supported by all of the Operations Team.

Josh Avice is the newest member of the Kingfisher Apprenticeship scheme, working on his Technical and Design course. Josh works closely with the Technical and the Lighting Design Team to work through his Apprenticeship and gain valuable experience.

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As you can see, Kingfisher are proud supporters of students and apprenticeship schemes and want to give people an opportunity to learn and gain new a wide range of skills through experienced staff. These national schemes are a great way to kickstart careers and allow people of all ages to work alongside experienced staff, train as well as studying. Benefits of an Apprenticeship include:

  • Earning a real wage
  • Being trained in skills employers really look for
  • Setting up future careers and opportunities
  • Learning interpersonal skills and well as academic assets


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