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Committed to Excellence – Kingfisher CPD Training Courses

With over 30 years' experience in exterior lighting, the experts at Kingfisher have a wealth of lighting knowledge and experience and are now committed to delivering informative CPD training courses to help professionals expand their knowledge within the industry. 


Our in-house experts have been working in the lighting industry for a great many years and have seen all manor of lighting schemes; from award winning design, all to the way through to sub-standard installations and dangerous lighting failures. Our teams have been involved with the development of LED technology to how we know it today and continue to evolve and develop lighting techniques, so as to always stay ahead of the curve.

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) training is used across the globe, in almost all industries, to allow professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills within their own companies. We believe it is important to continually progress and improve their knowledge base, not only to stay ahead of the competition but with a heavy emphasis on safety and efficiency.

Our industry accreditations through CIBSE allow us to deliver effective and informative CPD training to groups all over the UK on a range of topics.

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Some of our accredited CPDs include:

Environmental Impact of Lighting on Wildlife 

Developing knowledge on the impacts lighting has on a variety of species but also how we can prevent damage to wildlife and habitats through different practises and technology. It talks about light pollution and legislations in relation all aspects to design and luminaires.

Best Practises - Lighting Design 

We've witnessed designs that exceed the boundaries of exterior lighting but have also witnessed designs that eliminate the human-centric qualities we all need. We discuss the manufacturing process as well as how fittings are accessed. It’s all about good design practises and bad design habits with a focus of safety, as well as efficiency.

Questioning Lighting Metrics

This CPD focuses on how we observe light in comparison to how it is measured, lumen packages and how they alter from day to night, as well as the different placements of the package and how light data can be affected by reflections on surfaces.


We remain passionate about lighting and continue to pursue better techniques to make our industry safer and more efficient. Therefore, we will continue to produce training courses on the subjects we feel most important to the industry.


Contact us to find out more about our available CPD training courses and how this can benefit you and your business.

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